Reflection Questions 6 - Education Essay question/answer (200 Level Course) Q: The National Education Association of Secondary School Principals make This statement about successful secondary schools: “In good secondary schools, the principal and teachers develop and maintain a variety of cooperative links with the community. Family and
Reflection Questions 5 - Education Essay question and answer(200 Level Course) Q: Why is it important for teachers to know the history of American education? How might you use such knowledge?
Reflection Questions 4 - Education Essay question and answer (200 Level Course) Q:What role, if any, does religion play in your philosophy of education? R:Religion plays an active role in my philosophy of education. For me, I believe that in order to personally teach and model character education ethics to others, I must have a faith which derives from God as a Supreme Being
Reflection Questions 3 - Education Essay question and answer(200 Level Course) Q:Can you remember examples of the “everyday ethics” of teaching shown by the teachers you had in elementary and secondary schools? Can you remember examples in which your teachers’ ethical behavior was questionable?
Reflection Questions 2 - Education Essay question and answer(200 Level Course) Q: Do you think parents should he concerned about the role or lack of it that technology tools play in the education of their children?
Q: Do you agree that having an enthusiastic teacher teach an unimportant subjet is preferable to an uninspired teacher teaching a crucial subject? What implications do you see in this remark? On what assumptions about teaching, students, and subject matter is based?
Carol Moseley-Braun - African American Studies Essay (300 Level Course) Carol Moseley-Braun, the daughter of a Chicago law-enforcement officer, made history in November, 1992 when she became the first black woman ever to be elected to the United States Senate. It was the latest in a string of firsts - first woman and first African American ever to hold executive office in Cook County government and 10 years voted best legislator in the Illinois House.
Introductory Concepts in Business - Business Question/Answer(100 Level Course) 1. What is the difference between revenue and profit? - Revenue is the total amount of money a business takes in during a given period by selling goods and services while Profit is the amount of money a business earns above and beyond what it spends for salaries and other expenses.
James Buchanan - The Fifteenth President - History Essay The fifteenth president of the United States has been either one of the most ineffective presidents or one of the biggest casualties of his era. James Buchanan was president from1857 till 1861 and like the fourteenth and thirteenth presidents, Millard Fillmore and Franklin Pierce, before him he was unable to mediate the country over the issue of slavery.
Carol Moseley Braun Essay- Women's Studies Carol Moseley Braun attended public school in Chicago and later graduated from the University of Chicago with a Law degree in 1972. Braun has become a pioneer for African American women in the arena of politics. She has managed to