Reflection Questions 2 – Education Essay question and answer(200 Level Course)
Q: Do you think parents should he concerned about the role or lack of it that technology tools play in the education of their children?
R: Yes, I think that parents should be concerned about the role that technology tools play in the education of their children. Technology is ever increasing and changing globally. This means that children can access

knowledge speedily that can be beneficial for learning and also harmful in terms of psychological effects. It is the responsibility of caring parents to stay abreast of today’s technology tools.

Q: Should governments spend billions on technology for schools, should the money be spent differently?

R: Yes the governments should spend a proportionate amount of monies on technology for schools. Technology is a fast growing industry that keeps our collective society in a modern trend. We need alarms and camera scanner in our public schools for safety. Yet there must be limit to how much is spent and not in sacrifice for other school necessities.

Q: What do you see as the goals of schooling? Are there ways you can use technology to reach those goals? The goal of schooling is to mainly equip and prepare a work force of life long learners. We can utilize technology to reach these goals by training and preparing student for industry and technical jobs.