Reflection Questions 6 – Education Essay question/answer(200 Level Course)

Reflection Questions 6 – Education Essay question/answer (200 Level Course)
Q: The National Education Association of Secondary School Principals make This statement about successful secondary schools: “In good secondary schools, the principal and teachers develop and maintain a variety of cooperative links with the community. Family and

community involvement and support complement the efforts of the school.” Describe some of the cooperative links you would suggest at either the elementary or secondary level.

R: Several cooperative links that I would suggest would be: the business community i.e. banking industry that could provide link for the elementary and secondary level as a resource for industry tours, targeted career paths for student development programs.

Area groceries and supermarkets can offer partner with local school PTO’s to offer rebates on food purchases or selected items, the rebate would be targeted back to the school fund to be use to purchase band equipment or sponsor a class field trip.

Q:What role do you think the federal government should play in compensating for educational disadvantages as a result of poverty?

The federal government must perform an active role in compensating for educational disadvantages as a result of poverty. Children are born into poverty of no fault of their own. It takes monies to educate our nation’s children. Our education system must continue to offer a standard of education to benefit those in need. Depending upon the need on the local states, monies should be distributed provisionally.