Reflection Questions 3 – Education Essay question and answer (200 Level Course)

Reflection Questions 3 – Education Essay question and answer(200 Level Course)
Q:Can you remember examples of the “everyday ethics” of teaching shown by the teachers you had in elementary and secondary schools? Can you remember examples in which your teachers’ ethical behavior was questionable?

R:Yes I can certainly remember an example of the “everyday ethics of teaching shown by the teacher in elementary and secondary schools. For instance, I remember my fourth grade teacher who was always respectful to the students and didn’t allow other students to harass or say cruel things about other students and you were punished for if you used foul language. She was very strict on classroom ethics and morals.

I also remember examples of teachers’ ethical behavior that was questionable. My fifth grade teacher did little educational instructing and a lot of sleeping and snoring in the classroom!!

Q: Do you believe tenure practices are justified and lead to better schools? Why or why not?

R:I believe that tenure practices are in and of themselves a necessary means for job security for teachers. I sure that there are known chases in which incompetent teacher have been offered tenure contacts as well. Yet the teaching professions must hold and maintain benefits that will attract comptentemt teachers to stay in the profession.

Q:What do you think about the current controversies over the place of religion in public schools? Of prayers? Of the Bible and other religious works?

R:I think that our nation will continue to battle over the ideas of separation of church and state in our school systems, this includes prayer, the bible and other religious works. But I do see a standard being maintained by the youth in public schools who are pro God, and believe in standing up of their heritage and religious freedoms. These youth are meeting at the flag poles for organized prayer, they are praying to God for guidance for our nation and the everyday affairs of mankind.

Q:Teachers are expected to be people of good character and role models to students. What are the limits of this exceptional? What are some points at which the right of the school district end and the right of the teacher begin?

R: A teacher takes an oath to abide by a code of ethics and standards as an educator and the guidelines are clear in terms of what is expected of that person for moral character and as a role model to students. The limits to these expectations are very narrow, because that teacher is held to a higher standard of rule. Yet a teacher does maintain the right to their own personal privacy and behavior within the personal confounds. One would not expect a teacher as a role model to be a child predator or a racist. In terms of where the rights of the school district end and the right of the teacher begins is to be placed within the confounds of the codes of ethic outlined in the teachers bill of rights. School districts shouldn’t be able to govern a persons freedom on speech or actions by due rest.