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  • Why Study Anthropology – College Essay

    Why Study Anthropology – College Essay

    The study of anthropology offers a number of benefits to college students who are interested in pursuing this field of study. Some of the most notable benefits of studying anthropology at the university level include: Developing a holistic understanding of human cultures and societies: Anthropology is a diverse field that encompasses the study of human…

  • Anthropology Essay

    Anthropology Essay

    Anthropology is the study of humans and human societies and cultures. It is a diverse field that encompasses the study of human biology, culture, and social and economic organization. One of the unique aspects of anthropology is its focus on cultural relativism, which is the idea that cultural practices and beliefs should be understood within…

  • Essay on Dame Jane Morris Goodall

    Area of expertise: Anthropology, Primatology, and Conservatism Major contributions: Dame Jane Goodall is the world’s leading expert on chimpanzees due to her decades’ worth of research. She studied the familial and social interactions of wild chimpanzees in Tanzania. Her research challenged the long-standing belief that only humans can create and use tools and that chimpanzees only eat…

  • The Broken Family

    The Broken Family America is the best country in the world. We have the best doctors, the best military, the best schools and best of all the most freedom. But as with any system there are possible improvements. One of America’s biggest current problems is the broken family. In America one out of two marriages…

  • introduction to native cultures

    When the Spanish began there journey through America their influence both on the native Americans and the environment were awesome. The prime goal of the Spaniards were to transform the native Americans into tax-paying Christians. This was in contrast to the idea that their goal was to eliminate the Indians form of the Americas. Unfortunately…

  • Day of the Dead

    Latin Americans celebrate a holiday every year where they honor their dead by decorating skulls. The holiday focuses on the gathering of family and friends to remember people that were close to them.

  • Should Historic Buidings be Destroyed

    The issue of whether to preserve, or destroy historic buildings is complex. Many feel that it is most important for a society to stay current, even if that comes at the expense of destroying historic landmarks. Others feel that history is not something you can rebuild once a building is destroyed, and that we must…

  • Culture and Organizational Change

    The concept of culture is particularly important when attempting to manage organization-wide change. Practitioners are coming to realize that, despite the best-laid plans, organizational change must include not only changing structures and processes, but also changing the corporate culture as well. ( accessed 10th March 2008.

  • Margaret Mead’s Contributions to America

    Anthropologist, Margaret Mead, expanded cultural awareness in American society. Her cross-cultural studies provided a greater international understanding of human complexities in age and gender. She set an

  • Knowing Your Roots

    Researching my last name, I came across a few facts that I wasn’t aware of. First of all, knowing where your roots begin and knowing about your ancestors is something everyone should at least investigate at one

  • The Position of Poverty

    In the United States today we are consumed with insular poverty, but you would never know it by reading the newspaper or watching the news on television. There are times, usually around election seasons, when there is

  • Media’s Influence on America

    In the great nation of the United States of America, we love our entertainment. Some people see this entertainment to keep them interested, and some see this as an opportunity to sell their products or

  • Food Security – Living in Hunger

    Food security describes a situation in which a human being does not have to live in hunger or fear starvation. According to the (1996 World Food Summit) food security exists when every person has physical and

  • All About Honduras – Anthropology Essay

    Honduras is located in Central America, between the two countries of Guatemala and Nicaragua. You may find it pretty easy to fund Honduras on a map because its about the same size of Tennessee. The exact location of

  • Ethnic Nationalism and Social Mobilisation in a Globalising World – Anthropology Research Paper

    The rapid expansion of institutions of global capital, coupled with the spread of neoliberal democracy throughout the nations of the so-called Third World present a number of problems for discussion. The process of globalisation has resulted in massive

  • Immigration Into a New Country – Anthropology Research Paper

    Immigration Into a New Country – Anthropology Research Paper Immigration into a new land can be difficult for any person trying to acclimate themselves into our country, or any country. This can be especially difficult for young people who are in need of support from their parents and family. My brother was recently married and…

  • Hiding Behind the Words – Anthropology Research Paper (300 Level Course)

    Hiding Behind the Words – Anthropology Research Paper(300 Level Course) Within cultures across the world people express themselves and what their cultures stand for through song, stories, films, and poetry. Through her studies in the community of Awlad ‘Ali and in her book Veiled Sentiments, Lila Abu-Lughod interprets and describes the importance the poetry genre…