GLP-1 analogs are a class of drugs that have been developed to treat diabetes and promote […]
The most famous biologist of all time is undoubtedly Charles Darwin. His theory of evolution through […]
Science has made significant strides in understanding the mind and how it works. Here are a […]
COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus disease, is a viral illness that emerged in late 2019 […]
Omowunmi “Wunmi” A. Sadik is a pioneering scientist and entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to […]
Mary Jackson was a African American mathematician and aerospace engineer who made significant contributions to the […]
Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, is a pioneering technology influencer and content creator who has […]
Area of expertise: Anthropology, Primatology, and Conservatism Major contributions: Dame Jane Goodall is the world’s leading expert on […]
Area of expertise: Astrophysics Major contributions: Dame Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell co-discovered the first radio pulsars back in […]
Area of expertise: Molecular Biology Major contributions: Elizabeth Helen Blackburn co-discovered telomerase, which is the enzyme that replenishes […]