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  • A Love Poem

    A Love Poem

    Love in the Victorian age, A time of strict decorum and rage, A love that was kept behind closed doors, Whispers of passion, forever ignored. The heart was a prisoner of societal rule, A love that was whispered, never made bold, The eyes spoke of longing, the touch was discreet, A love that was pure,…

  • Homer The Great Greek Poet

    Homer, is one, if not the most influential Greek writers/poets to ever live. The estimated TOB of Homer is supposedly around the 8th century BC it is guessed that Greek poet Homer was born around the Greek Island Ionia. Though very little is know of the author; he is given credit to writing two of…

  • Analysis Essay of the “The Raven”

    Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” is a dark reflection on lost love, death, and loss of hope. The poem examines the emotions of a young man who has lost his lover to death and who tries unsuccessfully to distract himself from his sadness through books. Books, however, prove to be of little help, as his…

  • Albatross and Rimm of the Ancient Mariner

    One act changes a mans life forever. What is it about an albatross that is so powerful it could affect the lives of people? It’s only a bird, a large bird, an aquatic bird with coloring of white and dark brown or black. In the poem “Rimm of the Ancient Mariner”, life changes for over…

  • To His Coy Mistress

    My Grandmother is what some would consider a feminist. She believes that woman have the potential to do anything but men hold them back.

  • Writing an Essay vs. a Paragraph

    In my opinion, writing an essay is less difficult as writing a paragraph because, a paragraph is simply centered on one idea only and is generally much shorter than an essay, which usually consists of many paragraphs but, In an essay, you could explore many ideas while talking about one general topic. In a paragraph,…


    Watch the child speechless but speaking; Only a toddler of seven but speaking, The eyes shrunken, the face shrivelled, Doesn’t her silence speak, nor her quietness sleeping; Watch the turquoise sky shimmering in the heat’s shimmer

  • ‘The Horses’ by Edwin Muir

    ‘The Horses’ by Edwin Muir is a poem that explores the subject of war and destruction of the environment due to technology. Muir uses negative and unpleasant descriptions of the world after war in the first stanza and highly contrasts this to the new beginnings with the horses in the second stanza. This contrast is…

  • Langston Hughes vs. Claude McKay in the Harlem Renaissance

    The first three decades of the 1900’s were the first time that the African American culture was taken seriously by the Caucasian community. Several factors, including the Plessy vs. Ferguson case which allowed racial segregation in 1896, led to what is known as the Great Migration. Job opportunities and far less amounts of racism were…

  • “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

    The poem, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, consists of four stanzas. In the first stanza, the speaker describes his position. He has been out walking the woods and comes to two roads, and he stands looking as far down each one as he can see. He would like to try out both, but…

  • Life’s Right Turns on the Wrong Roads; Robert Frost and “The Road Not Taken”

    The skill to sustain a metaphor requires the crafting of words and complete control and command of a poem. Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” shows how Frost has the ability to say one thing and mean another making him one of America’s leading twentieth century poets and four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize.…

  • Paradise Lost – “Satan VS God”

    “The mind itself can make a heaven out of hell, a hell of heaven” (Milton, line? Vs?) In the poem, “Paradise Lost” Satan was thrown out of heaven for rebelling against God and all that is good. He was the archangel and is the most beautiful and perfect angel, but he was not so perfect…

  • Mr Stephen Bagley

    Compare the ways in which the poems “blessing” and “What were they like?” present culture. The poets of “blessing” and “What were they like” use a variety of mediums to portray culture. “WWTL” depicts a Vietnamese peasant culture; and “Blessing” a dry African village.

  • What is Love?

    In my conception of love, this is like a castle, and the rocks which stand at the foundation of it is love. Everyday that passes, is another set of bricks at its foundation. But by a single mistake, maybe a wrong word said, the castle you built can collapse and then it’ll take you a…

  • Falling In Love – Poem

    2 Am. She walks while I lay. Breathing heavily. Palms sweating and thoughts running. Emotions have been spilt through the ink I embedded so clearly on the letter I gave you. I Lay contemplating, and these thoughts smothering my sleep. Thoughts of confusion, and an overwhelming desire. A Desire for future; a future.

  • “The Road Not Taken”

    “The Road Not Taken” has many different interpretations. Everyone is a traveler choosing the roads to follow on their continuous journey in life. When reading this poem it all depends on your life experiences in the past, present, and your outlook on the future how you interpret it.

  • Analysis of Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice”

    In the first two lines Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice” (Arp 103), the speaker presents two options for the end of the world: one by fire and the other by ice. Many scientists, like Harlow Shapley, hold the belief that the end of the world will come in two forms, “either the earth would be…

  • Wilfred Owen – War Poems

    Wilfred Owen wrote the war poems, Anthem for doomed youth and Dulce et Decorum est and Siegfred Sassoon wrote The Hero. They are all based on how ghastly and atrocious world wars are and that any man

  • The Ex-Basketball Player By: John Updike

    In stanza 1 the narrator is talking about the layout of the town itself and is introducing us to the main character. The 1st – 3rd line could be symbolic. They could be of Flick’s life, such as, he is on the right

  • Langston Hughes: Musical Poet

    Poetry is meant to be read aloud. The lyrical nature of poetry begs to be embraced in an oral and auditory manner, which lends itself to music. A poet is in a sense composing a song. Langston Hughes was only

  • Akenside’s Justification for Imagination

    Mark Akenside begins his Pleasures of the Imagination (1744) with the remark: Oft have the laws of each poetic strain The critic-verse imploy’d; yet still unsung Lay this prime subject, though importing most A poet’s name.

  • Biography of Edward Estlin Cummings

    In Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1894, Edward Estlin Cummings was born into this world. Ever since Cummings was a young boy, he seemed to show a great interest in poetry in art; however, this form of poetry would be

  • “Ode to the West Wind” by Percy Bysshe Shelley

    “Ode to the West Wind” by Percy Bysshe Shelley, is a poem that depicts a broken man who is calling for the help of the wind to spread his words across the world. The wind is used to represent both a “destroyer and

  • “Ex-Basketball Player” by John Updike

    The main idea of John Updike’s poem, Ex-Basketball Player is that a young man named Flick who was a really good athlete in high school. However, after high school he became nothing more than a gas station attendant. During high school he was an excellent basketball player. He set records that many kids are still…

  • “The Flesh and the Spirit” – Analysis

    The poem, “The Flesh and the Spirit,” is rich in its metaphors and figurative language, through which its author, Anne Bradstreet, seeks to compare spiritualism and materialism conveyed through the voices of different personas. The flesh is this tangible entity,