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  • History of the German Language

    History of the German Language

    The German language has a rich and complex history that has shaped it into the language it is today. The origins of the German language can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic language, which was spoken by the Germanic tribes that migrated to central Europe in the 3rd and 4th centuries. As the Germanic tribes…

  • Learning Mandarin or Cantonese

    Learning Mandarin or Cantonese

    Learning to speak Mandarin and Cantonese are both fascinating and rewarding experiences, as they provide access to the rich cultures of China and its diaspora. However, while they may seem similar at first glance, there are important differences between these two languages that should be considered when making a decision about which one to learn.…

  • Language Trends in Vietnam

    1. Preface According to a Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, “By such innovations are language enriched, when the words are adopted by the multitude, and naturalized by custom.” Actually, there have been many innovations in every language all over the world, especially in the situation of growing globalization nowadays. The innovation can be the…

  • Mexico: The Yucatán Peninsula

    The Yucatán Peninsula is located in southeastern Mexico, which separates the Caribbean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico, on the northern coastline on the Yucatán Channel. The Yucatán Peninsula lies east of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, a northwestern geographic divider separating the region of Central America from the rest of North America. The Yucatán Peninsula…

  • Philippine Gay Language: A Pidgin

    Inquiries about the meaning of the gay language in the Philippines have been raised including the origin of the terms used. The Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia defines it as “a vernacular language derived from Englog, and is used by a number of gay Filipinos. It uses elements from Tagalog, English, and Spanish, and some are from…

  • The Official Language in America

    Bilingual in education has sparked controversy all over the Nation. Teachers and parents both agree that the main goal in education is to master the English language. According the National Association for Bilingual Education, bilingual education seems to defy common sense. (NABE, 2004) If non-English-speaking students are isolated in foreign language classrooms, how are they…

  • Lettre a Martin

    Martin, A la lecture de ta lettre où tu m’apprends la mort de Griselle, une énorma tristesse m’a d’abord envahi, ma petite soeur n’était plus… Puis une vague de rage et de colère m’a submergé? Quoi! Toi! Mon meilleur ami! Celui qui faisait partie de ma famille, que j’ai aimé comme un frère, ose laisser…

  • Educational Linguistics

    1. 00 INTRODUCTION First named as a field 30 years ago and defined in two introductory books (Spolsky, 1978; Stubbs, 1986), the title “educational linguistics” was proposed by Bernard Spolsky in 1972 for a discipline whose primary task would be “to offer information relevant to the formulation of language education policy and to its implementation”…

  • Epekto ng Gawaing Ekstra

    Pasasalamat: Nais magbigay pasasalamat naming mga mananaliksik sa mga sumusunod: Una sa lahat, nais naming magpasalamat sa poong Maykapal sa pagbibigay sa amin ng karagdagang lakas at grasya upang malampasan ang anumang pagsubok na aming dinaranas. wala kaming mapapala sa buhay kung wala siya sa aming puso. Lahat ng lakas namin sa pag-

  • Christmas in America and Russia

    The article (Celebrate! Holidays In The U.S.A. Christmas Day tells us about how Americans celebrate Christmas holidays and what it means to them. Christmas in America is a very important holiday, especially for children who usually await the 25 of

  • Sri Aurobindo

    Hindi biro ang dinaanan ng sangkatuhan bago makaabot sa kasalukuyang kalagayan. Dumaan tayo sa sarisaring pagsubok ng kalikasan para patunayan na tayo ang pinakadakilang nilikha sa sandaigdigan. Sa pagtatapos

  • Studying in a Foreign Country

    Studying in a foreign country is becoming more common. The advantages and benefits of such study outweigh the problems or difficulties. Do you agree? Actually, studying abroad is getting more familiar.

  • De creativiteit van de politieke cultuur – Nederlandse Essay

    De creativiteit van de politieke cultuur – Nederlandse Essay Als we proberen om het domein te omschrijven dat wordt bestudeerd door de geschiedenis van de politieke cultuur, dan zullen in deze omschrijving de termen ‘politiek’ en ‘maatschappij’ niet mogen ontbreken. De geschiedenis

  • 57 choix c’est l’enfer! – Translation Essay

    57 choix c’est l’enfer! – Translation Essay Un choix infini était supposé promouvoir le progrès, mais le fait est que cela nous rend davantage malheureux. Quelquefois, il est simplement difficile de choisir. Vous êtes dans un restaurant et le serveur est prêt à prendre

  • Japanese language patterns differ from American English patterns

    Title: Japanese language patterns differ from American English patterns The Japanese language has a different word order from English. English, as we know, is a subject-verb-object language. While there are some exceptions to this

  • De Feestdagen – Het essay in Nederlands (Dutch)

    De Feestdagen – Het essay in Nederlands (Dutch) „In de hedendaagse consumptiemaatschappij lijdt deze tijd van het jaar helaas aan een commerciële vervuiling die de werkelijke geest dreigt te veranderen” Benedictus XVI

  • Mediendidaktik: Neue Medien im Geographieunterricht – Russian Essay

    Mediendidaktik: Neue Medien im Geographieunterricht – Russian Essay In diesem Text wurden drei grundlegende Lerntheorien aufgezeigt. Seit den 60er war die Theorie des Behaviorismus die wichtigste. Sie gründete auf das Verständnis, dass Lernen ein Prozess der

  • Hexenverfolgung und die „Bußßag“ Daniel Bittels von 1629

    Hexenverfolgung und die „Bußßag“ Daniel Bittels von 1629 Frühe Hexenverurteilungen gab es schon im 13. Jahrhundert mit dem Entstehen der Inqui-sition, die sich jedoch eigentlich gegen Ketzer richtete. Die theologische Akzeptanz der Existenz von Teufel und Dämonen, die sich erst im Verlauf des Mittelalters gebildet hatte, war jedoch schon ausgeprägt. Hexerei per se war aus…

  • La vida de la estudiante – Spanish Essay (200 Level Course)

    La vida de la estudiante – Spanish Essay (200 Level Course) Cuando me desperto en la manana yo no sé que es el día? Es un día cuando yo voy a la trabajar o la escuela. Yo tengo seis classes porque yo no planeo mis clases bien. Yo tranajo con los abogados. Me posición es…