Reflection Questions 4 – Education Essay question and answer (200 Level Course)

Reflection Questions 4 – Education Essay question and answer (200 Level Course)
Q:What role, if any, does religion play in your philosophy of education?
R:Religion plays an active role in my philosophy of education. For me, I believe that in order to personally teach and model character education ethics to others, I must have a faith which derives from God as a Supreme Being

and creator of this universe. I believe that our social Morales derive from the Ten Commandments.

Q:What do you think that superintendents and principals often ask teaching candidates about their philosophy of education?

R:I would think that superintendents and principals would ask a teaching candidate specific questions about their philosophy of education i.e. what school of philosophy to you subscribe to and why?

Q:And now, a really hard question: If you are learning toward eclecticism, in what areas of teaching and learning would you draw on the various philosophies presented?

R:Through a combined eclectic view of philosophy and learning approach, I would draw on the views all the four schools of thought from the following ideas: from the view of Perennialism, I agree with the idea that schools should teach knowledge through the traditional subjects of history, language, mathematics, science and the arts, with the emphasis on using the Great Books approach. While the goals of the

Essentialist are similar in view, to the Perennials, the concept in philosophy is to teach the learner know the essentials in order to
live in a progressive and modern world: the above speak of educating the person for society. In view of the philosophy of Progressivism and Romanism, I agree with the ideas that people naturally explore and inquire their environment for solution to problems by using and applying problem-solving methods,– in light of the idea that the Romantics’ consider the individual more important than the needs of society.