Carl Friedrich Gauss is widely considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. […]
Throughout history, there have been many mathematicians who have made significant contributions to the field of […]
Mary Jackson was a African American mathematician and aerospace engineer who made significant contributions to the […]
Introduction/Purpose of the Research
Statistical Symbols and Definitions Matching Match the letter of the definition on the right to the appropriate symbol on the left. Symbols Definitions 1. S (Uppercase Sigma) __b__ a. Null hypothesis
Some of the key statisticians, in history, are John Graunt, Jacques Bernoulli, Ronald Fisher, Galileo, Blaise Pascal, and Pierre de Fermat. They each had their own theories, inputs, and contributions which aided in the development of statistics.
Abstract:- We come across many big calculations which we want to check. Though the idea of digital roots can be used, but it is limited to integers. This paper introduces a new idea of assigning every number a characteristic value
Though in schools most students learn Euclidean Geometry, there are actually many different types. These different types were developed by other mathematicians who developed theories and research that may have contradicted the work of other
Linear Algebra and Vector Equations - Math Essay Week 2 in Linear Algebra focused on Vector Equations (Section 1.3) and the Matrix Equation Ax = b (Section 1.4). The key concepts in section 1.3 are linear combinations of vectors and a spanning set. A vector is
The Philosophy of Geometry - Math Essay I was recently assigned a Graduation Standard to complete. The Graduation Standard called for me to find an object in my community and figure out the objects height by using two different methods. The object I picked was a large pine tree. One method I used to find the height of the tree was the concept of similar triangles. In order to find the height with similar I needed to use my Hipsometer I made. A Hipsometer is a device that finds the angle of elevation.