Non-European Students and the Rush for Higher Learning Opportunities in Western Countries: A Case Study Non-European […]
Western Education and Student Migration The importance of quality education cannot be overstated, and it plays […]
Critical Thinking Short Paper Charlotte Petrovich PSY 370 Professor Malphus December 14, 2008 Every once in a while a class has the opportunity of going on a field trip. A field trip’s purpose is to expand learning that the students are already learning about. A teacher can expand on what the students saw by incorporating new learning into current lesson plans. Upon returning from a field trip, students are usually excited about what has transpired during the trip. Having the students complete a paper, right after returning if time permits, explaining what they thought to be interesting will give them something constructive to do. Also letting the students pick the topic of what they are interested in, will give them an opportunity to explain about something that they paid attention to.
The end of summer vacations is what most people think of when year round education is brought up. But is that all that it is about? Is year round schooling a better environment for students? Are those students smarter than students in traditional learning environments? Is it more cost effective?
There’s been speculation and debate about Single-Sex Schools versus Co-Education Schools, but is one actually better than the other? Do students learn more or are they disadvantaged or advantaged by being at a Co-Educated school?
Distance Learning Survival Guide Plan Using Axia’s Education Resources A distance learning environment is obviously different than what we are used to growing up. However it is not much different than what we settle for when doing research or looking up useless information. Although most of us a very familiar with using the internet it is imperative we completely understand the system and options available by Axia College University of Phoenix. Like every college or university there will be research required as well as common skills associate with using a computer such as, Microsoft PowerPoint and using search engines. Getting familiar with the student platform is a must. The four main things that I find to be important are: knowing how to use the classroom platform, knowing how to utilize the library correctly to be most effective, using the Center for Writing or Center for Mathematics, and other great tools such as the Plagiarism Checker. Being familiar on how to get into and around the class is vital. Not posting an assignment in the correct location can dictate the grade for that student. If posted in the wrong forum one day a student can loose points for handing in late, which can effect the score when the class comes to an end. Using the library is also very important, students should realize that the library is not just a search engine such a Google or, the way a person searches for a specific article can determine the outcome. Moreover, there are certain options which not allow certain writing works to come up. For example, if a student checks the option to only see Scholarly (Pre viewed) Journals. Other educational resources provided by Axia College is the tutorials which can teach a lot, with either little or no experience at all the tutorials help master a certain computer skill.
Grading Systems The subject of grading is rarely discussed among faculty members, except perhaps for the occasional debate about grade inflation. But many teachers privately confess that grading is one of the most difficult and
Standardized testing is a highly debatable topic in which one may choose to or not to limit the usage of standardized testing. These tests should be removed from all high schools nation wide.
The school is a place where many people with different beliefs, attitudes come together to achieve certain goals.
Models of Teaching Summary