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  • Unemployment Essay

    Ali Tohidi Unemployment Each society has some factors that hinder its improvement. Unemployment is one of them that can prevent a society to be perfect or somehow a utopia. Unemployment can cause two major negative effects on a society, which are poverty and crime. These two factors can make fundamental problems for a society.

  • The Hockey Game

    There is only 10 minutes left of the game the score is 2-0 their way. We have to do something, and fast, if we have any hope of making it through the game and into the grand final.

  • The Masque of the Red Death Room meanings

    “The Masque of the Red Death” By Edgar Allen Poe is a story with so many meanings. Not only is this short story written by an amazing writer.

  • Camping: A Cautionary Tale

    Ah the joy of camping. So many of us travel every spring or summer, to various and rare bits of nature that have yet to be tamed by man.

  • Alive in Song

    It was a cold rainy Saturday afternoon in May 2007 when I heard it. I was reluctantly helping my husband clean up an enormous mess in our flooded dungeon of a basement. I was going through the motions, trying to look busy, trying to stay numb. I had heard it before. Many times in fact,…

  • Going Into Labor – The Pain!

    I was in my eighth month of pregnancy, and my boyfriend and I were on our way to Peoria for another ultrasound. We drove for an hour and a half, discussing if our little one was growing, and how we couldn’t wait another four weeks until he was born. At the ultrasound appointment, the doctor…

  • Serena’s Diner

    It’s been eight years to the day since Mama died of lung cancer, and I’m still stuck in this dead-end town managing her little diner. Of course, my big brother hasn’t been much of a help since he took up the bottle, but to be frank, I can’t much blame him for wanting to drown…

  • Death and How You Can Heal It

    This note is for you, just for you, as i missed being with you every single day, seeing you grow with me. The way you used to smile at me every morning waving your wide spread arms. What haven’t we shared?

  • The Native – Short Story

    The sun was beginning its descent back down towards the East, where it would, in time, become dark again. The rocks in the distance almost fell behind the naturally curved shape of the island, formed by the never-ending crash of waves. Here, where he was standing, the water was quieter, calmer. The lap of the…

  • My Memories of Roger

    If you were to imagine the ideal, no, perfect best friend, then that would be Roger. He was amazing. You would be lucky to have a brief chat with him, even though he didn’t usually say much, or even meet him; then again he stayed in the house most of the time. Don’t get me…

  • Whisper

    Chapter 1 Tokumoto Okata had just lost his mother. His father died when he was 15. Now at the age of 17, still in school and no job, Tokumoto thought that he was not yet ready to live on his own. He decided it was time to live with his grandfather, Kitato, who lives in…

  • By Sword Of Pen/Writers Block

    Growing up Chad was denied love in lieu of fear and terrorism. His life was severely affected by the way his parents treated him while growing up. He is over 40 now, but to this day he still has problems that relate back to his childhood. Subjected to emotional abuse in many different forms he…

  • An Unforgettable Heart

    People think that a heart is an organ that is responsible for pumping blood repeatedly through the blood vessels in your body, to others it is an entirely different thing. Things such as an inner soul that produces emotions, personality, feelings, or contributes a form of happiness into a human being; many people really do…

  • My Experience in Junior Achievement

    My name is Ekong Kubiateno Michael. I obtained my secondary education at Access High School Calabar, Cross River State. I aspire to study Economics at one of the prestigious universities in the United States of America.

  • Haunted House

    Generations of superstition have bred the thought that there exists a house inhabited by more than mere mortal flesh – one that possesses spirits of sorts, an unseen force capable of imposing independent will upon human dwellers. Such spirits, as they tend to develop over years, are sagging faces of previous tenants, whose dolourific lives…

  • The Kindness of Strangers

    It was the middle of summer and very hot. The drive back from Arizona is a long drive, even more so when driven alone. I was in the middle of nowhere when my car started to make a noise. At first thought, I had imagined it, then I saw smoke billow out from under my…

  • One Scary Night

    One warm, dark, summer night, my friends and I were hanging out looking, laughing, and making fun of stupid peoples’ myspace pages. All of a sudden, we were all alramed by a blood curdling scream coming from the next room. We all sat, motionless as we awaited what would happen next.

  • Worn Path by Eudora Wetly

    There is a short story called “A Worn Path” written by Eudora Welty that shows how far the body can be pushed, what the spirit must endure and the limits of our minds. It gives a very descriptive opening that helps paint a detailed mental image of the main character Phoenix Jackson. We find that…

  • My First Car (Crash!)

    My first car was a 2000 Toyota Corolla and still is my car. I have been driving for the past seven months and would say that I am a decently safe driver. The day I received my car was the most wonderful day of my high school life. I drove around town and saw the…

  • Lesson Learned – a short story

    It was the Friday before winter break. Tommy was counting the eraser shavings on the edge of his beat up wooden desk. Suddenly he remembered that he needed to make up his English final after school, but he had planned on going to smoke with his

  • The Open Window

    In “The Open Window” irony occurs in a variety of ways. Some of the characters demonstrate a mirror image of their names and their personalities. On the other hand, other character’s names are the complete opposite of their personalities.

  • “Roses” – A Short Story

    If I could go back, even for a day, maybe things could have been different. I would give him a hug to assure him thinks are ok, despite the cruel circumstances he was under. I’d let him know there are more people who care about him than don’t. But time cannot rewind,

  • A & P- The Heroic Sheep Herder

    One of the main reasons that a short story can be so effective is familiarity. An author uses different ways to connect with their readers to draw interest. Some authors use themes that are common to everyday

  • A Silent Angel – Short Story

    My memory is like the treasured, antique chest which sits locked in the attic untouched, just holding my life’s story. It is a collection of dreams and endeavors. It’s an album filled with snapshots of the

  • The Funeral – A Short Story

    He sat there, a picture of age and death, his massive head lying on his withered shoulders. His nose, once sharp and elegant, was now bulbous. His eyes were reduced to liquid pools, clouded with confusion.