Ali Tohidi Unemployment Each society has some factors that hinder its improvement. Unemployment is one of them that can prevent a society to be perfect or somehow a utopia. Unemployment can cause two major negative effects on a society, which are poverty and crime. These two factors can make fundamental problems for a society.
There is only 10 minutes left of the game the score is 2-0 their way. We have to do something, and fast, if we have any hope of making it through the game and into the grand final.
“The Masque of the Red Death” By Edgar Allen Poe is a story with so many meanings. Not only is this short story written by an amazing writer.
Ah the joy of camping. So many of us travel every spring or summer, to various and rare bits of nature that have yet to be tamed by man.
It was a cold rainy Saturday afternoon in May 2007 when I heard it. I was reluctantly helping my husband clean up an enormous mess in our flooded dungeon of a basement. I was going through the motions, trying to look busy, trying to stay numb. I had heard it before. Many times in fact, but this time it was different. It stopped me and I listened. As Neil Young’s song “Old Man” played on my radio, it seemed as if his voice began to fade away until all that remained was the beautiful harmonic melody of his guitar. I had heard this before, but not just on the radio.
I was in my eighth month of pregnancy, and my boyfriend and I were on our way to Peoria for another ultrasound. We drove for an hour and a half, discussing if our little one was growing, and how we couldn’t wait another four weeks until he was born. At the ultrasound appointment, the doctor had told us that our baby was not doing so well. She had told my boyfriend and me that we needed to get to the hospital and have an emergency Cesarean as soon as possible.
It’s been eight years to the day since Mama died of lung cancer, and I’m still stuck in this dead-end town managing her little diner. Of course, my big brother hasn’t been much of a help since he took up the bottle, but to be frank, I can’t much blame him for wanting to drown his sorrows. He turned thirty years old last month and he’s never had a steady girlfriend or a good job. A man’s missing something in his life when he hasn’t traveled thirty miles from the place he was born. He was trapped here from the day Mama brought him into the world, and he’ll be stuck here ‘til the good Lord decides to take him home.
This note is for you, just for you, as i missed being with you every single day, seeing you grow with me. The way you used to smile at me every morning waving your wide spread arms. What haven't we shared?
The sun was beginning its descent back down towards the East, where it would, in time, become dark again. The rocks in the distance almost fell behind the naturally curved shape of the island, formed by the never-ending crash of waves. Here, where he was standing, the water was quieter, calmer. The lap of the waves was subdued on the smooth wetness of the light brown sand. Not a sign of life was to be seen on the water. The only movement was a pair of gulls that soared smoothly overhead, crying softly as they moved over the shoreline in search of sustenance.
If you were to imagine the ideal, no, perfect best friend, then that would be Roger. He was amazing. You would be lucky to have a brief chat with him, even though he didn’t usually say much, or even meet him; then again he stayed in the house most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I know I seem very chipper but I do miss him everyday. You have no idea. Even if you have lost someone close to you I still don’t think it could compare to the loss of Roger. We had a bond like no other. We were like peanut butter and jelly, you know? It was just one of those things that you know has to stay together.