How My Purple Belt Has Helped Me – Creative Writing Short Essay
It is important to tighten the lower abdomen during coordinating techniques and movements in tae kwon do because the process of tightening the lower abdomen is helpful in learning how to breathe properly.

To me, having confidence means believing or having faith in someone or something. In high school I hated gym class because I thought everybody else was better at sports than I was, and I constantly told myself that I wasn’t physically fit and that I was terrible at sports. My experiences practicing Tae kwon do have helped me change the way I see and think about myself. By no means do I believe that I’m physically fit now, but being physically able to doing the techniques that we are taught in tae kwon do has given me a lot more confidence in my physical abilities. Tae kwon do has also helped me to have more confidence in my abilities because it has helped me accomplish things that I didn’t think were possible. For example, before learning tae kwon do, I wouldn’t have ever imagined that it would be possible for me to do some of the kicks that we learn.

This confidence will help me in other areas in my life. I used to be terrified of being attacked while walking at night. I’m still afraid of that, but after learning tae kwon do, I am more confident when walking at night. Having confidence is also helpful academically because students are more likely to succeed if they believe in themselves.