The question of how long it will be until no one speaks French is a complex […]
Napoleon Bonaparte was best known as the ruler of France. Not only was he this, but he was King of Italy, Mediator of the Swiss Confederation and Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine, he is considered by many to be one of the best military commanders that ever lived. His rise, reign, and fall marked the end of the Monarchy in France, and the start of a Republic.
Madagascar was found by accident in the 1500s by Diego Dias Madagascar is located in Indian Ocean off the south-east of Africa. Also Madagascar is one of the largest is lands in the world, it takes up 587 thousand sq. km. and it has 18.6 million inhabitants. In Madagascar a total of 73% of the population is living in rural areas. The country was
Le Noble Chevalier contre le Ballon Monstrueux - french 4 essay On se trouve ici, au milieu de Founders Park, sur l’emplacement d'un grand monument qui commémorera ceux que le nom de cet endroit honore – ceux qui ont établi notre faculté il y a 125 ans. Ce sont eux qui ont en fait le droit de juger ce qu'on crée en leur honneur, même s'ils ne vivent plus, car les étudiants et les professeurs de cette université ont la responsabilité de