Reflection Questions 5 – Education Essay question and answer(200 Level Course)
Q: Why is it important for teachers to know the history of American education? How might you use such knowledge?
R: It is important for teachers to know the history of American education because our history is the foundation of our current formal system of education. To recognize a discipline, you must first consider the history in terms of its beginning structure and changes.

A teacher could utilize this knowledge; in a teacher philosophy research paper, or as classroom world history project or you could assign a student to report on an individual topic from the history of American education, i.e. progressivism or essentialism, Horace Mann, the plight of minorities in the history of education.

Q:How did the moral lessons you were taught in school compare with those taught in earlier American schools.

R:Moral lesson that were taught in earlier American schools were based and centered on the bible, because the bible was the initial source for reading and text. The earlier moral lessons were duly based on the bible and religious training for the purpose of producing socially responsible citizens. In contrast to the moral lesson that I was taught in school, I would say that our moral standards were also based on the biblical principle and precepts. We were trained and held to a standard in school of honesty, fairness, love and respect.