Reflection Questions 1 – Education Essay question and answer

Q: Do you agree that having an enthusiastic teacher teach an unimportant subjet is preferable to an uninspired teacher teaching a crucial subject? What implications do you see in this remark? On what assumptions about teaching, students, and subject matter is based?

R:I think that I would rather have a teacher that is enthusiastic teacher to teach a critical subject would be the ideal learning environment. Further, the implications in this remark are that a teacher

should be conformable with the content which they are instructing, as well as show a level of enthusiasm. A teacher should be dry and boring to the point that students dread you teaching them.

Q:What is the difference between common sense and theoretical knowledge?

R:The difference between common sense and theoretical knowledge it that common sense it the type of knowledge that is learned in everyday environment. For example; a person applies and uses common sense when going out in the rain; their common sense, which is learned tells them to take an umbrella to keep from getting wet.

In contrast, theoretical knowledge is the learned knowledge by reading text material on various subjects. Theoretical knowledge is usually applicable in the context to which it applies.

Q: We have maintained that decision-making skills are important for teachers. What do you think you can do to improve your ability to make good decisions as you plan and deliver instruction?

R:To improve my decision making skills and abilities as I plan and deliver instruction, I will practice making as many sound decisions that I can. I believe that in order to learn how to make proper decisions as a future teacher, you must endeavor to practice making as many decision as you are cable of over a given day or in the course of a time frame.

Q:Which of the skills listed in the “knowing Venus Doing” section of this chapter seems most important to you? What skills would you add to the list? What skills would you subtract from it?

R: As a future teacher I would keep all to the following from the list of “knowing versus doing”. They are all pertinent essential skills for teaching.