William Taft and a Lack of Progressivism - Government (300 Level Course) William Howard Taft became the twenty seventh president in 1909; handpicked by Theodore Roosevelt to carry on the Progressive torch of the Republican Party. While some argue that Taft was not the best choice, that perhaps Roosevelt’s Secretary of State Elihu Root or Governor Charles Evans Hughes of New York would be better progressives, many scholars believe that Roosevelt chose Taft for one main reason: he was a “yes-man.”
Rousseau and the General Will - Government (300 Level Course) The general will is defined by Jean Jacque Rousseau as the common good of all of the people that live in the state. While this explanation of general will is vague, Rousseau does in fact delve deeper into a working definition of it by expressing its crucial role in the creation of a strong and fair government. Yet merely defining the term does not give justice to its meaning. One may ask where general will is indeed cultivated, in other words, from where did it come? Also, is it in fact necessary in a society to promote freedom to its people? These questions require a simple analysis of Rousseau’s work, which has had and will continue to have lasting impressions on modern political thought.
Karl Marx and Alienation - Government (300 Level Course) For Karl Marx, the idea of alienation is not as important as it is fundamental for everything that he has to say. Marx understands alienation as the claim that a product of one’s labor is objectified and that the value in the product is in the form of labor used to produce it and not the value that the product gains. It is in this work environment that the term “alienated labor” is derived. Marx has a problem with capitalism in that it focuses on the value of the produced object and not the human qualities involved in producing the object.
Yeltsin’s Critical Inactivity - Government (300 Level Course) Boris Yeltsin took the office of the Russian presidency in 1991 under a black cloud, following a failed coup against then president Gorbachev. Yeltsin’s presidency has become synonymous with failure and by the question of “what went wrong?” This question of what has gone wrong during the Yeltsin era is an almost bottomless topic. Yeltsin struggled through his first term from the attempted coup in 1991 to the foolish decision to invade Chechnya in 1994. Still all of these troubles can be contributed to the critical time period immediately following Yeltsin’s coming to power.
Man of the Year – A Journal Theatre I can honestly say that I took this course in order to learn something about theatre. Theatre has been one area of interest that I have previously been unable to tap into on a personal level. I have seen a number of theatrical performances in the past but have never had the free time to pursue any involvement in any theatrical venue.
Aquinas on the Possibility of Merit - Religion Research Paper Thomas Aquinas is known for having presented both a moral and spiritual view of the world he lived in, yet it is still very much applicable to the world that we live in today. Thomas believed above anything else that the final end of man lies entirely in God and no one else. And while Aquinas attempted
Epictetus and His Handbook - Philosophy (200 Level Course) While it would be a pretty fair personal assessment to say that philosophy is not the field of study that demands my interest, nor is it the field that I would enjoy devoting a considerable amount of time to, I was quite surprised when undertaking Epictetus’ handbook. Written as an introductory work in stoic philosophy and also written as a guide as to how to live one’s life, it comes across as much less boorish than other pieces of philosophical literature that I have read and although it was written some two thousand years ago it still applies to practical everyday events.
Immigration Into a New Country - Anthropology Research Paper Immigration into a new land can be difficult for any person trying to acclimate themselves into our country, or any country. This can be especially difficult for young people who are in need of support from their parents and family. My brother was recently married and his wife, my sister-in-law’s parents recently adopted a baby from Russia.
Somewhere off in a strange world similar to our own, Ted Briggs and Phaedrus are offered a one-time chance meeting. They are to watch Jocelyn Moorhouse’s film Proof, enjoy the atmosphere of a completely empty
Review of Godspell - The Musical - Summary Paper A more modern day rendition of the Gospels of Jesus, John the Baptist is depicted as a clown who gathers disciples from the city streets of New York by blowing on a horn. He comes to baptize them and in doing so, Jesus comes to him for his own baptism. Jesus and all his disciples (including women) become clowns and teach and learn the Gospels of Jesus through song and dance.