Rare earth minerals, which are a group of 17 elements that are critical to many modern […]
The powerful industry of coal mining has left the Mountain State in disarray as the result of coal mines that have been abandoned. Coal provides a major source of energy across America; the coal mines of West Virginia have not only provided a major source of coal, they have also provided jobs and those jobs have built communities. Even though coal mining has been prosperous, it has had negative effects on the economy and the environment when the mines are left abandoned. The cleanup of closed mines has become time consuming and expensive. Abandoned mines not only pose a danger to our water, soil and air, they also harbor hidden dangers. State and Federal agencies are taking the devastating effects of abandoned coal mines into their own hands by reclaiming West Virginia.
On October 17, 1989, as my family and I were preparing to watch game 3 of the World Series, a special news break announced that there had been a devastating earthquake that had struck the San Francisco bay area. News cameras quickly began
The Palos Verdes Peninsula encompasses a beautiful, breathtaking area in the Southwestern part of the South Bay in Los Angeles. Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, and Rolling Hills Estates are the small cities that encompass
On this leg of our journey we will be visiting the Great Barrier Reef. We will be seeing nature in all its glory. As we all know the Great Barrier Reef is a great place to go scuba diving and to do other
In the year 2009, the Glines Canyon Dam and the Elwha Dam are scheduled to start being removed from the Elwha River, located in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. The sediment that has built up behind these dams
Geology Coursework: Determining the paleoenviroment and tectonic history of a small area (Cocklawburn Beach) Planning - In this coursework I am going to try and find the tectonic history and paleoenviroment of an