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Benefits of Student Identification Tags

School uniforms have been used for quite a few years. There are many schools today that still use the uniform to identify their students. The uniforms consist of a polo shirt and khaki pants or shorts. Schools generally choose their own school colors for the polo shirt. For example, Mandeville High colors are skipper blue and white.

Every few year’s the school mails out a form to the parent to vote for or against school uniforms.
Student identification tags (I.D.) should be used in schools instead of uniforms. I.D. tags are more cost effective for families and they serve the purpose of identifying people who belong on campus.
If the outcome is for uniforms, this can be very costly for the families. Especially if the child only has one year left at the school. Lower income families can’t afford to spend money on uniforms that their children will only wear at school. Their children may hit a growth spurt and grow out of their uniforms, which then causes their parents to go out and buy new uniforms. I.D. tags will fit anyone no matter what size or shape they are.

Another down side of uniforms is that any person can purchase these items and enter the school premises.
School identification tags are issued by the school office and have a unique design; for example it contains the school logo. These also contain the student’s picture for easy identification. Students are required to wear their I.D. tags on a daily basis on school grounds. If a student forgets to wear their I.D. to school, they must report to the school office to purchase a temporary I.D. Teachers have a right to question anyone without an I.D.

The parents prefer their child to wear school uniforms so that they don’t get their good clothes dirty. The parents need to teach their children not to get their clothes dirty and explain to them that it cost money. The children need to learn to have responsibility.

In conclusion there are many disadvantages with uniforms. It benefits the students and parents. It is more cost effective for the parents and for their children to wear I.D. tags. Identification tags can be improved in the future.