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Working for a Year Before Entering University

There is no denial that people increasingly gain freedom in developing themselves, and a trend has been more and more popular amongst young people in some countries where they are encouraged to get employed or have a travel between the completion of high schools studies and the commence of university study. From my perspective, several factors needed to be taken into consideration.

On one hand, young people could benefit from travel or work experience, in some meaning, if under proper direction. Take a student who want to enter film industry, for example, he or she may learn from what it is like from their teachers or other academical sources. However, it is most likely that such knowledge can’t help them get in touch with the real professional people, and moreover, many students would be misled that they can fulfill any job requirement simply by copying from existing models.

On the other hand, there are certain risks for youngsters to take in working or traveling. Firstly, it is almost certainly that student could not find the relevant occupation or meet appropriate requirement of real working positions in particular field, which may result in disappointment or depression. Hence, teachers and mentors should be appointed or be consulted in order to provide advice wherever needed. Secondly, financial support could be another problem for some individuals. It is highly recommended that different situation and economical conditions should be considered thoroughly before any action is taken out. Ultimately, travel and working is inappropriate for some unskilled people, since they aren’t qualified for certain activities, and it is probably that they can’t finish any tasks or gain any social experience as their peers. elaborate training scheme rather than working opportunities should be of much more use for people in that category.

To conclude, I believe some people does benefit from traveling experience, as well as participating in some practices, in terms of broadening their vision, enlarging knowledge, and realizing ambition. In most cases, certain measures nevertheless are indispensable to ensure people do not waste time or money in taking part in such activities.