Teaching Children of Different Abilities Together

Nowadays in many places, education resources are distributed mostly equally amongst children of different ages, different intelligence level. Some people suggest it would be beneficial to divide young students into different categories according to certain standards such as their intelligence levels. In my opinion, the view may be detrimental and unrealistic in several factors as follows:

To begin with, separation in education according to certain qualities of a child’s intelligence would be harmful to both stronger students and weaker ones.

Apart from these, intelligence is not the only existing factor when setting out evaluation schemes or regulation, many aspects should influence the development of young children.

Furthermore, the view can be said to have many pitfalls in itself, in terms of feasibility, reliability, and economically inefficiency. Once carried out, a examination system and related marking and evaluation criteria would have to be established and implemented, which would induce many conflicts amongst different regions and different ranks. On the other side, many household and children would have to pay for newly emerging costs, resulted from transportation, accommodation and daily diet.

In conclusion, I believe that it is unnecessary and impractical to allocate student and education resources to a certain standard such as intelligence or something likewise. Not only could it undermine our education system and objectives, but also it would violates certain laws and decrees that guarantee the equal opportunities of every individual in our society.