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Teaching In An Information Driven Society – Education

Teaching In An Information Driven Society – Education
The abundant achievements in science and technologies in the junction of 20th and 21st centuries are raising more and more quickened changes in society. The education system has to react the requirements of the social environment and

the very society in flexible way and under such conditions needs changes itself as well. The formal and informal learning and studies, getting experience through job and other informal methods of education is becoming the key to allow everyone the ability to control ones future and personal development. Personal abilities, knowledge enriching and improvement of professional qualification are the main things developed in the process of modern adult education.

What is the importance of the teacher in the context of informational society? What personal qualities he would need in order to avoid the conflicts between the generations, when the young teachers, mastering the modern technologies, would come to work. Only the perpetually studying teacher would have the biggest influence over his students. The teacher, who feels a constant need to develop their methods by deepening their professional knowledge, skills, and experience; grows as result of the process.

So at least there are two asserted important factors, which enable the appearance of the need for constant self-education for the adult teachers: the personal characteristics of the teacher (self-evaluation, self-determination, motivation) and the particularities of the organization of the very educational process (the choice of the forms, methods, technologies, and didactical means of education).