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Functions of Advertising

There are Many Functions of Advertising – Marketing
It tries to help companies produce larger sales, less supply, and a possibility to introducen new products etc. It helps stores with faster turnover of old goods and it enables the use of media as an important source of funds for a normal business

and contributes to their informaty. It enables a more qualitative choice between products to consumers. And it also helps society in general because it promotes economic development, encourages competition in quality and so adjustes it to be equal on an international market.

Article 2: LEGALITY
Advertising must not contain anything that’s in contrary with law and must not leave out anything that law requires.

Advertising must not contain anything that insults public in terms of dominant respectability rules. It must also not be in contrary with self-evident equality between genres or show a man, a woman or a child in an offensive way. Nudity and sexual implication that schok public or draw attention as well as pointless connection with the product is not acceptable. When nudity and sexual implication are connected with the message, it should not offense good taste.

Article 4: HONESTY
Advertising must not be so framed as to abuse the consumer’s trust, exploit their lack of experience or knowledge and to manipulate them.

Article 5: REALITY
Technical descriptions, claims and comparisons which are published in advertisements must be proven. If there comes to unusual claims that are not generaly known, advertisers and advertising agencies must take all responsibility for it if media requests that.
Messages must not contain claims or visual images taht direcly or indirectly mislead the consumer about the purpose of the product or about the avertiser.
Lies or exaggerations which try to amuse or draw attention are allowed only if this purpose is clear and not if it’s a fact that must be accepted as one.