The Joy of Education

Imagine it. The sounds of your family and friends cheering you on as you walk across the field to receive your diploma. The thought of a better future for you and your parents crosses your mind likes speeding vehicles on a highway. My journey on this road to success was here, all the late nights and studying finally paid off. The reason I attended college was not a question anymore.

My parents, especially my beloved granny, told me stories of when they were younger how it was so hard for them to complete high school nevertheless college. How they wanted to achieve their goals but couldn’t because of babies and unwanted jobs. The way of having the money to pay for an education was their hope for me because they didn’t have that. They dreamed and prayed of this day for me to rise up and take lead. I am their role model, the strive I have they want. The lifestyle am living, they adored. My reason for attended college is not only for me but for the ones I love.

The passion of helping people and making a difference in others lives is my ambition. I want to be proud of a job that I loved and not one that just pay the bills. There are numerous reasons one could enrolled in college but mine stands clear. I want my family and friends to be proud of me. I want the excitement and hope for a better future that my parents didn’t have. All the struggles I have been through allow me to be stronger and work harder. My goals are set and I’m chasing after them. I have the opinion to be a better person with a better life. I am the next generation of hope and proud to my family and it feels great. So by enrolling in college, it helps me get to that place I want to be, that place where my kids can be free, that places were I hear sounds of my family and friends cheering.