Psalm 145

Psalm 145 – David is praising God and telling of the coming praise from His people after they see His glory and what He provides for them.
I. David is telling that he will praise God forever and lift Him on high (v. 1).
II. David is telling God that he will praise His name daily forever (v. 2).
III. No one truly knows the greatness of the Lord and just how worthy of praise He is (v. 3).
IV. The people will pass along the greatness of the Lord to future generations and tell them of His greatness (v. 4).
V. We will tell of how great the Lord’s works are and be amazed at just how great He can be to us (v. 5).
VI. The people will talk about and tell others how powerful the Lord is and tell about things He has done for them (v. 6).
VII. The people will celebrate the Lord’s goodness to them by singing praises to Him (v. 7).
VIII. The Lord is forgiving and loves us regardless of what we do if we ask for His forgiveness (v. 8).
IX. The Lord is compassionate to us and is good to you regardless of how we may at times treat Him or seem ungrateful for the greatness He has given us (v. 9).
X. The Lord’s followers will speak of His greatness to others and praise Him for what He has blessed them with (v. 10).
XI. We will tell of the greatness of heaven and tell of what the Lord can do for all the believe in Him (v. 11).