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General Education 105 Final Paper

Throughout the nine weeks in General Education class I have developed a Personal Action Plan. This plan will get me through my next two years of college. The plan wills consist of six elements to help me along my journey to completing my degree. Using Axia’s Educational Resources,

Upholding Academic Honesty, Setting and Achieving Goals, Managing Time Wisely, Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention, and Applying Personal and Learning Styles.

I plan on using Axia Education Resources to complete report and papers required of me by my instructors. The Library will serve as a very important resource which will allow me to look up credible information. The Writing Center for Excellence will also be as valuable to me. The Writing Center will allow me to post my own work and check for Plagiarism and Grammar errors. Axia’s resources also include downloads. Downloads that the site offers are very useful while taking courses with the college. This is how Axia’s Educational Resources will benefit me.

I plan on Upholding Academic Honesty by following the rules presented to me in the Student Handbook. I agree not to cheat on any work that is expected of me. Copying and pasting other students work is a form of cheating and plagiarism. Plagiarism is not sustainable and is not allowed. Submitting someone else’s work as my own is a form of plagiarism and this is not allowed. There are consequences for not upholding Academic Honesty. You may be dismembered from university and it may ruin your chances of others seeing you as credible.

Setting and Achieving Goals is a main asset to completing your degree. My Axia degree is a long term goal for me. However, setting short term goals is a good way to stay on track to reaching my long term goals. The best way to reach my goals is to set a time frame in which I need to have that goal accomplished. There is a difference between educational goals and career goals. In my case my educational goal comes before I can achieve my career goals. I have set long term goals for my education and my career. The short term goals that I have set will keep me on the path to completing all goals.

Managing Time Wisely is the most important asset to this Student Survival Guide. If I don’t use my time wisely it may cause me to fall behind. Also not using my time wisely may cause a lot of confusion and disorder with other things in my life. It is very important to know what is most important or needed in a day, and what is least important or needed in a day. With all the responsibility that falls on the shoulder of college students not knowing will most definitely confuse you. While juggling school, work, and family time is all I have. It is very beneficial to know what is required of me at all times. With taking two classes at a time I make sure to view my syllabus and course calendar. I post that week and the following week on a wall near my computer to make sure that I stay on task. If I don’t post the syllabus I would have to take time out to locate it on the computer, and have to keep clicking back and forth to make sure I’m following the guidelines. I personally chose to stay ahead, so that if at any point I have an emergency, I’m still prepared for that day’s work. For work it is important that I turn in my Lesson Plan which includes a week’s worth of activities, and this only takes a day to complete. Without a Lesson Plan, I’m sure that I would be wasting a lot of time figuring out what the kids could do next. At home I have a routine, and as long as I stick to my daily routine then I’m pretty squared away for the day. Managing my time wisely simply means being prepared.

Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention can benefit me in all of my classes. In order to read effectively there is a guide that I must follow. SQ3R, provides a reading and learning strategy that helps me master and think critically. While taking notes, focus on key points. Highlighting notes will help me follow along with my reading, and makes it easy for me to go back and identify main points. Following the words with my fingers will help me keep my pace. Minimizing distractions before I began to read will help to ensure that I am reading effectively. Choosing the right setting to read is very important as well. Make sure it’s a comfortable and quiet spot. Effective reading is beneficial for all careers. Having the ability to comprehend what I read will give me a better chance of explaining what I read. While doing a presentation it is very important that I dig deep. Remember not to be comical and prepare my presentation to get the message across in a timely manner. Appropriate props are helpful and slides.

Applying Personality and Learning Styles to my courses with Axia will help make my classes move along smoothly. Knowing my strengths and my weaknesses in an area teaches me where I need to apply more time in a subject. Highlighting notes while I read will help me to remember and refer to what I have read. It’s important to take music breaks just so that I don’t get overloaded with work. Following the words with my finger will allow me to keep my pace as I read. I tend to relate to others with different traits than I have, easily. The difference is what draws me. Being Verbal Intelligent allows me to speak freely. I also find myself in many debates with others of different traits. My personality is so strong to the point that I have to remember to not be so critical. I’m very free with words and sometimes I don’t know if I’m taking it too far. I have learned to be considerate of what comes out of my mouth.