Example of Technology Scholarship Application Essay
Today, the design of robotic functionality is heavily relied on human instructions. I am interested in building a more flexible robotics, which is able to adapt to various circumstances and to complete a task with AI. Applications as such will be like the Phoenix project in Mars exploration,

collecting important data by putting a cost-effective lander onto the icy ground of the far northern Martian plains. This is my line of interest and my dream. I am happy to be in the Computer Science & Engineering Department, which provides the required courses that I need on operation system, digital system, artificial intelligence, and software engineering to complete my quest.

I am also very happy that I can apply for scholarships and become one of candidate awardees. Being awarded is a great encouragement to me. It reminds me that I am not along. There are lots of people want me to be succeed and want to help me accomplish my dream and my goal. It also reminds me I should keep my spirit and keep up my good work. In addition, it is a great honor to get awards. It shows me how much effort I have put on my study and how my much more effort I need to put on study. These profits can help me study enthusiastically and become a better student.

Being a CSE student is also a great challenge. It is especially challenging for a first generation student. I have to face lots of difficulty. One is finance hardship. To get over it, I have to take on a part time job in a nursing home as a helper. On one hand, I gain lots of working experience. On the other hand, studying full time and working part time is sometimes some grueling experience. Getting scholarships will be a way to help me out. I can reduce the time that I work and become more focus on my study.