Romeo and Juliet Essay – Literature Essay

Romeo and Juliet Essay – Literature Essay
Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare, it’s one of the world’s most famous love stories. Before the play begins a chorus presents us with the knowledge that a ‘pair of star crossed lovers take their life’. This tells a tale of two families at war with each other and their children’s fatal passion for one another. Although their parents do not know of

their secret romance, they face troubles, in the end it causes both of them to take their lives in the name of love. These themes of love and hate penetrate through the play and take different forms.

Juliet is portrayed as the loving obedient daughter who does what ever her parents wish. She is innocent and pure until she meets Romeo.

I’ll look to like, if looking likeing more;
But no more deep will I endart mine eye
Than your consent gives strength to make it fly.

This is her reply when her father tells her of a marriage to Paris. Later on when she refuses to marry Paris her father’s once pleasant demeanour begins to disintegrate. Juliet tells her parent’s she’ll do whatever they wish and if they want her to look at Paris she will, this is what her parents want to hear.

Her mother is not an equivalent match with her father, it seems as though she doesn’t make up her own mind she just sides with her husband, when she should really have a strong bond with her daughter. Although of course in that period of time women had less status than men.

I would the fool were married to her grave
When she refuses to marry Paris her mother in a rage tells her she might as well be dead. This is hardly a mother and daughter relationship.

Juliet and the nurse share a deeper bond than her and her birth mother. She has been giving Juliet advice on her love with Romeo and what to do next

Will you speak well of him that killed your cousin?
However the bond breaks after Juliet