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Student Jobs English Group Project

Student Jobs English Group Project
It’s necessary for us to know something we should care about before finding a job. At the same time, it’s important for us to know why we want to have a job. For example, I asked my roommate some questions, which is the student of Chinese department, and we can know what he feels when doing the job from the bellowed dialogues. By the way, now he is a private teacher.

First: Haven’t you ever worried about your studies since you got this job?
Answer: No. for one thing, my studies is not so much. For another, it is not take you much time to be a private teacher. Just eight hours a week.

Second: did you have another job before? Just tell me the differences between them?
Answer: Oh, Yes. I stayed a cram school to solve questions of the subject of Chinese for high school students. But I found that the job is not quite easy to do. I usually needed to prepare a lot for solving their questions. But now, I just teach only one student, and I won’t be under that heavy stress. Besides I get a high-paid.

Third: do you have some experience you want to share us?
Answer: When it comes to it, I met to have that kind of student who regards himself as infallible to take the very difficult questions to ask me on purpose. At this time, I often gave back these questions to him and was tactful to tell him not to do such a stupid thing next time. Uhh, another is, there you can know many people, such as pretty high school girls, students, my boss, and student’s parents. Being friend with them, I learn a lot, such as how to getting along with people, how to dealing with emergency. I think it’s good.

Fourth: which do you choose the standard of the job from at the beginning?
Answer: well, only one thing I think that I can do is teaching. Cause I major in Chinese. Besides the place where I go can’t too far. And the jobs can’t make me feel stressed. And I can get a high-paid.

Basically, I found that kind of job, which we can get high-paid, not many things to do, and place you work near our home is the best choice, is not easy to find. Maybe by the next example we can know a lot. Let’s go next.