Success in College Depends on Preperation and Hardwork – Scholarship Essay

Success in College Depends on Preperation and Hardwork – Scholarship Essay
One of the most important steps that I have taken to prepare for college is my enrollment in advanced placement (AP) and college level courses. I have already completed AP Chemistry, and I’m currently in further advanced placement courses for Physics and Calculus BC.

In addition, I have spent a summer vacation completing a college-level Geometry course at the local community college. While such courses proved to be tough challenges, AP classes and college-level courses have become invaluable in preparing me for the rigors of University courses.

My school has also given me the special opportunity to attend a pre-engineering course that was designed to show us how real engineers operated in their various occupations. Since I saw engineering as a potential career path, getting in this course was an easy choice to make. I was able to find out a lot about engineering and gained a fundamental understanding of engineering opportunities, benefits and the requirements for a potential engineering major.

In addition, I have taken some time from my summer vacation and enrolled in a speed-reading course in order to improve my reading skills. The reading class stressed being able to read quickly and more efficiently, as well as with better understanding, and has provided me with an enhanced comprehension of high school and college subjects.

I have also joined the math competition team because I wanted to test and improve my mathematical skills. As part of the competition team, I learned how to attack difficult problems that the team frequently encountered on the extra difficult tests. Some of the strategies that the instructor taught us involved breaking the problem down into parts and minimizing errors. I knew that possessing a stronger mathematical background would bring an advantage for many high school subjects, and provide a useful jump start for college-level mathematics courses.

Tutoring classmates has been an important preparation for college level comprehension. When other people ask me to tutor them for their classes, I find it to be a great opportunity to master certain subjects since it refreshes my memory on the subject. By tutoring others, I am able to re-learn the material and my understanding of the subject is always improved and becomes more refined.

Many educational opportunities have come from my classes in school, but some learning opportunities have developed from the Internet. Since I have a great affinity for computers, I have also had a strong interest in a Computer Science major. Working hard to get a good understanding of computers has always been my style. Already I have a fairly strong understanding of the HTML internet website language, and have already learned some fundamentals of the highly advanced computer programming language, C++.