CFA Scholarship Essay – Example

CFA Scholarship Essay – Example
I believe I am an excellent candidate for the CFA designation scholarship. My plans for the rest of my year at UW-L is to complete my finance and accounting classes for my major and minor, and to take the FIN 400 course. I am very excited to

be taking the Advanced Financial Analysis course because I feel the course will complete my major and combine all my
finance classes into one review course, which will prepare me for the most important test of my career. I am fully prepared to study the recommend 250 hours for the first exam and for following two rigorous exams in the next 3 years to come.

My ambitions after graduating from college are to go into the corporate world as a financial analyst. During the past summer, I had a financial analyst internship at Kohler Co., where I learned a lot about the financial world from a corporate level and realized I could have a very successful, rewarding career in this area of finance. Having the CFA will grant my employer the security and confidence in knowing I have knowledge, integrity and professionalism of someone you can trust with your financial information and most personal details.

The CFA will provide me with a broad range of investment knowledge and high ethical standards of which will provide my future employer with a well-rounded individual. In working towards my CFA, I will not only learn and apply finance but economics, accounting and basic business management. I also plan to expand on my financial analyst real-life experiences and relate them to what have studied for the CFA (and vise-versa), so I can apply my education in a meaningful manner.

I hope while I am studying for all three exams of the CFA I will gain knowledge that will lead me to promotions. In the near future I would like to be a manager or controller of business/financial analyst or capital planning. The CFA will provide me with wisdom, standards and ethics to be an even better manager and leader. I already have powerful leadership qualities, most of which I have learned through the many positions I have held in my sorority Alpha Xi Delta, but I would like to expand on those qualities to become more successful in my career.

Not only will the CFA help me with my career, but also to help me grow as a person, learning self-discipline and guidance. The CFA will also help me keep on track with my future profession, and will keep concepts and ideas fresh in my mind and will make them easier to recall and use when needed.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application. Any financial help or program fees will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.


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