“The Value of Education” – Example Collegiate Scholarship Essay
In a world full of intellectual wonder, the ability to open the boundaries of knowledge rest within the limits of education. Education gives us information about the past, so we can move forward with a better understanding of the mistakes we ought not to make.

Without this knowledge of the past we wouldn’t be able to make progress in the future. Education spreads the

knowledge of technologies we possess in the present, so we can better explore the world we live in. If all the scientific information we possess was held in the minds of a few elitists, we wouldn’t make any advancements because we couldn’t take advantage of the differences in our opinions, which trigger the constructive arguments that formulate new ideas. But most importantly, education allows us to satisfy our curiosities, explore our likes and dislikes and therefore provide us with the knowledge we need about ourselves. This knowledge is crucial to the progress we make as individuals, and together as a human race. The ability to explore different fields of information grants us the opportunity to discover what we truly love in life, that passion to be the best we can be in our specialized fields is what powers the advancements of our society. Hopefully, with the tools we are given from education, we can look forward to a brighter future, but most importantly… a brighter future started by us… today.