Divorce Scholarship Essay – Young Writers Contest

Divorce Scholarship Essay – Young Writers Contest
It was a Friday like any other Friday, but when my parents said they wanted to have a talk, I knew there was going to be something different about this Friday. When my parents say they want to have a “talk” both my brother and I know it is never a good sign. A “talk” is usually an indication of some

major catastrophe like a move, layoff, or family member dying.
Immediately I had a sinking feeling that ran all the way to my feet, making them feel like bricks.

As I walked toward the living room where all our family talks took place, I racked my brain to figure out what it was that my parents had to tell my brother and I. Finally, it hit me. I stole a glance in my brother’s direction, and from the look on his face we were thinking the same thing. We slumped onto the couch, not sure if we were ready for what was ahead.
It was my mom who spoke first. “We want to tell you both first of all that we love you and that nothing in the whole world could ever change that.” That was all she had to say because I knew what this was all about. “Your father and I aren’t getting along very well and we’ve tried everything,” she stated. Then hesitantly continued, “ We are getting a divorce”.
Those words were like a slap in the face. It took me a second for those words to sink in, but once they did, from that point on everything else went in one ear and out the other. I was in shock.

My dad added that he and my mom were both there for us if and when we needed to talk, but that was the last thing I wanted to do. All I wanted to do was go into my room and cry. I looked in my brother’s direction as we walked out of the room. We both were hurt deeply but had tried not to show it in front of our parents, so it was only when we were out of sight that the tears soaked our faces. When we reached my room, he stopped and hugged me. The warmth that came from that hug that I to this day can’t describe. It brought both calming and soothing that told me that everything was going to be all right. That hug exactly what I needed and it was the best hug that I’ve ever had in my whole life.
There is no doubt in my mind, on that day god was there hugging me as well. Today, god is still hugging and carrying me through this rough time. The divorce was a terrible thing by anyone’s standards, but yet I know I have hope. I God has helped me look at this experience not for what I’ve lost, but rather for what I’ve gained and learned.

Before that day I’d never really cherished my relationships with each member of my family. I never thought about how much I enjoyed the car rides to school with my dad listening to the music that we both love. I never realized how much my brother and I got along and how much fun we could have together. I also learned and could see the difference between the way a person deals with a catastrophe when they have Christ in their life as opposed the way a person would deal without him. I learned that no matter how old you are, things can still be rough and unbearable. It is in those times that you need a hug and someone to stand by you. Now, I have a better relationship with my brother than I ever have before all because we’ve been through the same tough times. We are friends rather than just siblings.
Also, from this experience, I learned that it was god who was holding me. I honestly believe I would not be able to talk or deal with the divorce if it wasn’t for the awesome creator who was with me through everything. He is the one who held my hand through the “talk”. He is the one who walked next to me when I helped my dad move his things into his new apartment. He is the one who gave me the strength not to just break down and give up. He also put people in my life to help me through.
My dad now has his own apartment close by. I chose not to have to spend every other weekend at my dads but rather to plan activities and times to see him that are not regulated by any court or judge. I wanted this so I would not feel like I was forced reluctantly to see my father. However, now it is my part to plan to do things with him, and through this our relationship, which I had never had, has flourished. I actually enjoy going to see my dad and doing things with him.

I learned to cherish life. Life can be cruel, brutal, and can change with a blink of an eye. However, if you believe in yourself and trust in god, whatever life throws in your direction is possible. Also, life is about more than just activities and school, it is about relationships and family as well. Someone once said that you don’t get to choose family. This is true but you do get to choose how you handle your relationships with your family. When all your friends are gone, family is all that you have left.