Example Biographical Statement – Scholarship Essay

Example Biographical Statement – Scholarship Essay
Biographical Statement: Write an essay, describing yourself, your personal qualities, present activities, academic/professional accomplishments or ambitions for the future. The essay should be completed on this page.Born to a small Thai-Chinese family, I have been

raised in a hard-working environment and involved with well-educated people since I was young. This ambient has helped me to develop strengths in myself such as being a good listener and quick learner with persevering nature.

In my view, they are the starting point of my current ambitions and have played a big part in my successes in my past educations and working.

For my academic life, I have had good chances to study in prestigious institutions which significantly enhance my creativity, initiative, and leadership. At the undergraduate level, I had also collected substantial amount of achievement awards from my institutions. For instance, I received tuition-waiving scholarships for outstanding students twice; and, when I was in the fourth year, I was elected as president of 700 senior engineering students and became a member of Chulalongkorn Graduate Council at the end of that academic year.

After graduating from Chulalongkorn, I have substantially attained my professional and academic goals. In 1999, for example, I was one of few Thais who received the British Government Scholarships to pursue postgraduate studies in the UK. Furthermore, I was one of only five students who were awarded degrees with distinction for the overall MSc Finance courses and for my master’s dissertation. These successes in the past years are clearly a result of my personal strengths and opportunities I have always obtained.

Finally, by looking ahead, I have intended to get myself heavily trained in the WBS doctoral programme to acquire excellent research and teaching skills to ensure the first-class contribution in my future academic profession. I am confident that this training, together with my consistently-cultivated strengths, are considered beneficial not only to myself or Dhurakijpundit University as my prospective sponsor but also to Thai students and business communities as a whole.