Does Internet Good Outweigh the Bad – Argumentative Essay Brief Summary
Internet becomes more and more popular. Every child which is able to read use it and almost everyone has it at home. But is internet the blessing or the curse? Even if you do not have much time, having internet, you can contact with your friends very quickly. E-mails replace letters and instead tame taking meetings you can talk with people by messengers like gadu-gadu or skype.

You can also meet some new friends or even the love of your life. It is really comfortable to use your account without going to a bank, standing in queues and all that stress. Internet is the best and the quickest way of acquiring information. What is more you can make there some shopping or have access to libraries or other sources.

In the other hand some relationships made “on-line” can be dangerous, especially for children, who are naive. Internet is a very popular source of illegal mp3 and distributed without permission films. It is often that during searching some information you run into porno films or catch viruses. In addition not always you can get reliable information. Some of your data can be stolen and used by hackers.

Whatever we say about it, internet is to popular to stop people using it. I think it is really good invention but as if with everything, human can use it in bad aims.