Dhurakijpundit University – Proposed Program Plan Scholarship Essay

Dhurakijpundit University – Proposed Program Plan Scholarship Essay
Proposed Program Plan: Write a clear and detailed statement concerning your proposed major field of study, the specific area of your field, your study and professional objectives, and the reasons for undertaking this doctoral program. Explain the kind of program you wish to attend and how your proposed plan relates to

your previous experience and your future goals. The statement should be completed in the space provided below.

I decided to pursue a PhD because I believe that, for a scholar, it plays a significant role in achieving an excellence in his/her career in academia. In particular, I am confident that a PhD will equip me with essential knowledge and skills in doing research and teaching, thereby enhancing me to effectively switch my career path from banking to academic.

Having stated as such, I commenced implementing my professional plan by attending the doctoral programme at Warwick Business School (WBS) two months ago. As a student of the strategic/general management group, I am particularly interested in the competitive advantage, its dynamic and strategies sub-areas. My doctoral thesis will be an empirical study of ‘corporate reputation’ as an intangible source of competitive advantage for firms in Thailand. This study will help Thai companies to understand how ‘corporate reputation’ can help them to compete with their rivals and how it can be built and maintained over time.

I have chosen to do the aforementioned research topic at the WBS because of two main reasons. First, before I resigned from my previous employer, IFCT, I had heavily been involved in the strategy formulation function through the 5-year business planning and internal restructuring project. Those jobs were, indeed, intellectually exciting and have inspired me to come across from the finance to general/strategic management field. In my view, good overall strategies can render more sustainable competitive edge to any firms than a mere strength in their financial management. The recent Asian crisis is a clear example of my assertion about the importance of good strategies. The situation spoke for itself!

Second, as the strategic/general management field has become of my supreme interest, I have decided to pursue my PhD at only schools which have world-class reputation in such area. Warwick Business School has obviously qualified as one of my first choices because it has several widely-known scholars, such as Professor Andrew Pettigrew, in its strategic management group. Additionally, it has excellent research facilities which can help me to achieve my doctoral research within an intended time frame.

In conclusion, without undertaking a PhD, I am certain that I shall not be able to accomplish my professional goal to become a successful academic. Besides, several universities in Thailand have shown strong need for experienced lecturers with good research skill in strategic/general management. I am confident that my PhD education in such area will be considered useful to our country’s academic community as it will help me to fill the existing gap in the educational market.