Daily Devotional – Reglion Essay

Daily Devotional – Reglion Essay
I would just like to say that writing this devotional is a very new experience for me, somewhat intimidating, a little scary, but very rewarding as well. Although I have been a Christian for going on six years now, I still find it hard to express my feelings. I believe that people will take something away from my devotional due to the very simplistic

nature of the writings within it. I very much consider myself a ‘searcher’ but also very much a believer. I don’t know if you can even combine these two definitions and have other Christians still feel what you have to say is relevant. I don’t have extensive biblical knowledge. I am not a regular attendee of church. What I can say is that I have a relationship with a god that wants a relationship with me.

Marriage can be a veritable roller coaster of emotion. One minute you are top of the world, the next you are in a freefall, not knowing where this ride is going to take you. There is only one constant in a successful, loving marriage, and that constant would be the very person that created the two parties and nurtured their relationship, our savior Jesus Christ.

God is all powerful, this we know, but isn’t it amazing that the creator of all cared enough for us that he created marriage. God understands that one of our most natural and common needs in our lives is companionship. The loving touch of another, a gentle word spoken to encourage, simple displays of interaction can be the most treasured moments of our lives. God created marriage for this reason and another very important reason, to glorify him. Consider this scripture:

I Corinthians 11:3

Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.

I must admit I had to ponder this scripture for some time. After some time of introspection I feel God is simply saying make me the focus of your marriage. Men be good stewards of the gift God has given you. Look towards God as your authority; use his guidance to build a strong and loving relationship with your wives. Wives trust God in the lives of your husbands. God, Christ, Men, Women, we are all connected. We are extensions of our father, and I cannot think of a better testament to the loving nature of Jesus, than a loving marriage.


1. Do I trust God enough in the life of my significant other?
2. Is God the focus of our Marriage?