Are Uniforms a Good Way to Improve Student Discipline and Motivation?

I believe that if the children in a school have to wear uniforms then the child would be forced to focus more on their studies more then what the other students got as new clothes for Christmas or a birthday. There are several parents that can’t afford to buy their children new clothes so that they will not have to wear the same thing over and over again through the week. This way the child will not feel like everyone else is better off than them because they have better cloths.

Now I understand that most parents are concerned about the price of uniforms but if you think about it this way. If they only have to buy say three uniforms then that is cheaper then buying five out fits so that your child will not have to wear the same thing two times during the week. Or they would not have to worry about keeping up with the latest fashions.
Yes there are those parent that can afford to send their children to school in all the expensive clothes in the latest fashions and that is what they like their children to wear.
On the other hand there are families that cannot afford to keep up with the change of times why should their children suffer the ridicule of their class mates simply because their family can’t afford better clothes and most of what they have is second hand.
Over the years children have been singled out because they are not the best dressed. Circles of friends and decided on how someone dresses and not their personality. With uniforms the only thing that other children will see is the type of person that a person really is. School uniforms allow the child to show what their good at. This will also allow students to be themselves without the worry of “do I look good?” “I hope my skirt is not to short?”and other things of that nature.
Parents complain that they do not have any time with their kids now days and they feel like they don’t even know their kids at all. Uniforms can help that if your child does not have to pick out what they want to wear then they would be ready faster. This means that the child would not be up in their room going through closet saying “where are my blue jeans with the butterflies on the pocket”, instead that would be replaced by quality time spent with the family.
If a child has a certain way that they have to dress then the violence in schools should be cut back. They would not be able to tuck a gun under a coat because the jackets they will be required to wear will not be bulky enough to hide a gun under. They also prevent gangs from showing their colors at school.
There are too many girls that dress in a way that is subjective of sexual innuendos. Uniforms will help to minimize that type of dress. This will also help to keep other students focused on their studies. This should a way to also cut back on teenage pregnancies because they will not be thinking of that instead they should be more focused on their school work.
Most parents will say that they don’t wish to buy something that their child can’t wear outside of school.
The uniform could be worn outside of school as long as it is not destroyed. There are plenty of children that could wear their uniforms outside of school. There is a school about fifteen miles from here that has the uniform policy. The uniforms that they have is a white, red, or black polo or button down collared shirt with a black or navy skirt at least knee length or slacks for girls, and black or navy slacks, slack shorts or black jeans for boys. With that type of uniforms they would be able to wear them outside of school.
With students having to wear the same things and the ridicule on what someone is wearing is gone, then there should be less of a want to skip school and in a since attendance will go up. This would also improve the way that most kids act in school. Grades over all should be higher and test scores better. The students will be able to study easier and take in more.
I understand that most parents think that if you have good teachers that make sure that the students are excelling then there is no need to have uniforms.
That is true for some students but there are others that are side tracked really easy and need to be able to focus on his or her assignments and not the cool new outfit that the kid next to them just got over the weekend. As a parent that dose a lot of shopping on clearance and at wal-mart my kids will not have the clothing that comes from the gap or some other high priced clothing store unless they are having a huge sale, or someone else buys it for them. Therefore my kids would benefit from having uniforms.
Privet schools and boarding schools wear uniforms and they turn out some of the most well mannered and well rounded adults around. School it not a fashion show or meant to be taken lightly students should know that when they are in school they are there to learn not to show off all the money that their family has. School is a stepping stone for comes next. We are turning out our lawyers, bankers, judges, managers, and business persons of tomorrow. I would rather my kids be friends with someone because they think they are cool not because of the clothes they wear or the amount of money there family has.
You may be wondering why that is even a factor in the debate but if you think about it the school that has no uniforms will have more teasing and I am better then you attitudes and later on down the road will not even look twice at the homeless person in need of some help, a ride to the shelter or just a good meal. Were as a child who has grown up with a uniform school they are more out to see the person underneath the all the dirt and ripped clothing and help them out. Give them a ride to the shelter and on the way drive through McDonalds and buy them a meal.
Uniforms are a good equalizer and understand that many think that they take away from the individuality of the child. If you look into it more you will see that we are not taking away their individuality the child can still be themselves, they just do not have to worry about their clothes not being good enough of have to face the hateful teasing.
Most teenage suicide and violent behavior happens amongst children that are teased for the clothes they wear, the lunch they bring, for the way they wear their hair. The parent that are so against uniforms have probably never been teased or had their child teased because of what they wear and the still shop the way their parents did when they were kids. They have probably never had to comfort their child while they cried because some kid bad fun of their shoes, shirt or pants. Maybe it was their child that was making fun of another student just because that other student did not get new clothes for school and everything they have is too small or too big and second hand. The parents of the children that can’t afford new clothes all the time for their children would be happy to send their children to a school that has uniforms and not have to worry about their child being made fun of.
There are schools that as a whole can’t afford to require their students to have uniforms and I don’t believe that those schools should be forced to have uniforms. Schools in poor neighborhoods I can understand would not what to have the stress of having to buy uniforms.
Uniforms symbolize unity and belonging the also symbolize structure and discipline. If you were a parent of a sixteen year old girl that wanted to wear a mini skirt and a halter top and when you tell her no she wears it under her clothes to school. All the boys would be looking at her and following her around thinking they are going to get her to do things she shouldn’t be doing. If she was in a school where they required uniforms then you as the parent would not have to worry so much about some boy distracting her from her studies.
Children that are in schools that have uniforms may not like it that they can’t wear what they want but if you think about it they would be more happier if they did not have to worry about what others thought of what they look like.
So if you were to question me on how I feel about school uniforms I would say they are a good thing and wish they had them in the school where I went to school at they would have made life a lot easier on me. There are a lot of kids in schools today that think they are better than the others because they have never had to worry about clothes on their backs, food in their bellies or gas in their cars. For those that have had that pleasure my heart goes out to you. You never really know now those that have to deal with it every day until you have to go through that yourself. Uniforms can change the why schools function and can also change the students outlook on learning. Yes I do believe those students that have to wear uniforms feel compiled to work harder to be better at everything they do. I also think that the poorest kid and the richest kid can be the best of friends, as long as they get to know each other on a personal level where there is no money issue to could the judgment in their friend ship.

So to wrap it up no matter if you are for or against uniforms you have to agree that at least some of the things I had to say do make a lot of since. They are good when used right and like I said I am not saying every school should have uniform but I do believe that there are some out there that would benefit from having them.