School Is A Place To Learn -Education Essay
School is a place for us to learn knowledge and skills. Therefore, the environment will effect our learning a lot. AT last term, there is a new construction on our new hall. If that new school hall is constructed, it will effect our school environment a lot because of the ground shaking during the construction and limited school ground when construction si in place.

Ground shaking of construction effect our school environment a lot because the noise makes us can’t concentrate on the work. The noise also makes the teacher very hard to teach because they have to shout over the noise in order for student to listen clearly. For example, you are writing when the whole building is shaking. Not only has this will making your writing go suddenly out of shape. The stationary will also fall on the ground. I think the school should do the digging of the old hall concrete after school time. In that case, fewer students will be affected.

The second reason why the construction of the new hall affect school environment is because of the limited space during construction because student is not allow to get into construction zone. This lowers the useful ground of our school and also makes our whole school suddenly run out of space. The limited space in school will bring a lot of trouble to teachers because they wouldn’t be able to use the front parking any more. Student of music also have to go through a “hole” in the fence in order to reach. This also take long to walk and very dangerous for student to walk into construction zone. I think the construction should be more faxable by making more “holes” and also should make a place for teachers to park. In this case, this will safe a lot of time during class so the student will a have a chance to learn more

In conclusion, I think the construction of the new school hall affect the school environment because there is huge ground shaking when they are taking out the concrete and limited space while constructing bring trouble to student. However it is always good to have a new hall that can put all the student form f.3 to f.7 in. It is also good to have a new hall because the old hall is old and sometimes the microphone in there doesn’t work well