The hardship of my life.

Hi, my name is Julie Ann Jacobs. I am the third of four kids, two older brothers and a younger sister. I was born on the 21st day of April in 1900 to the late Jules and Glenda Jacobs. The first place that was home was a rundown apartment in the Fisher Projects of Algiers, Louisiana. My father was determining not to have his children rise in such a place. He work hard as truck driver delving dairy products to local stores and school to save enough money to move his family to a better environment. My family saved up enough money to purchase a three bedroom home in Westwego Louisiana. A year and a half letter my sister was born. With the continues moving in and out of relatives I never really had my bed to sleep in. as a small child around the age of 7 or eight I can remember being molested by a close family member who by the way was not my father. This went on for a few years I was afraid to speak up for I didn’t know what my parent would do to that person. I couldn’t image life without one of my parent. But that soon became a reality. On June 9th 2005 my father was found dead in the bed of his 18wheeler on Georgia. He had passed way of a diet betide coma. This was one of the worst days of my live. In august of the same year our lives were changed because of hurricane Katrina. It was my first week of high school and my family had to move away. For five month my mother my little sister and I had relocated to Donaldsonville Louisiana to stay with family.

The living there was depressing. It was 15 people living in a three bedroom one and one-half bath house. I just couldn’t take it I became so depress I didn’t want to talked to anyone about my feelings. No matter who try to help I just pushed people away. This continued until finally in January of 2006 I convince my mother to move back to Westwego. We life I our mold infested home for about four month before we were giving a trailer to live in until the house was fix. But things didn’t get better they gotten worse. The mortgage company had raised the payment from about 400 dollars a month to almost 1000. Our total family income at the time was about 2500 a month that left us in debt. Our house need to be fix but insurance company only gave my mother 1600 dollar to repair when we at about 20thousan dollar worth of damage. My mother was my best friend she did everything she could do to make sure my sister and I had whatever we need. Doing so she neglected her own need she was under a lot of stress what to where to turn. And if all this wasn’t enough for her she had to go back and forward for Westwego to Donaldsonville to help care for my grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer. On December 17 2007 I was awaken by a terrifying scream coming my mother room in the trailer. When I race in to see what was going o n my oldest brother was performing mouth to mouth and instructed me to call 911. Once I explain what was going on to the operator she said that help was on the way and hung up. What I saw when I look in to my mother eyes was he life slowly leaving the body. I knew then she was dead but I did want to believe it. The ambulance arrived about 10minutes after the second call made. When we made it to the hospital it was said she had suffer from an aneurism that left her brain dead and there was no hope for her.

Our family struggle to pay for the funeral because she didn’t have life insurance. But through all the trail and tribulations with god and the help of family members a close friends I made it. I beat the odd and I made it. I was the of my parents children to graduate from high school. But why should it end there. Because I don’t have the money to continue I know I have what it take to make the grades in college but I don’t have what is need to go and that money. My father finished high school and my mother never finished college. I want to make. I want tell the children that I may have one day that they can make it. I don’t want to have to struggle anymore. I think I deserve a break or at least a help in hand in right direction. Can you u please help me get the money I need to get a higher education. Thank you for reading my essay.