Education in Remote Areas

Today, education in remote areas falls far short of that in modern cities. The poor educational level in these remote areas deeply affects the improvement of society in these areas, the development of the economy and the overall improvement of our entire society.

Very few teachers want to stay in remote areas because of poor living conditions and low salaries. This is why masses of youth step into society without proper education. They are more likely to be taken in because of their poor understanding of law and society. Their lives are flooded with torrents of information released by the various media outlets. They often feel confused and lose themselves in modern cities. They can easily go astray. Some become drug addicts. Some are obsessed with gambling and some may even commit crime and spend the rest of their lives behind the bars. They become dangers to society! It does no good to punish them. We have to solve the problem at source. Priority should go to education. With proper education, their lives could be totally changed. They would have a promising future!

The government has already realized the essence of the problem and lots of measures have been taken. Still, there are many problems. I think the government should increase the state expenditure on education in remote areas. Rich people should donate some of their money to make education and living conditions better in remote areas. More experienced teachers should be dispatched there.

This is my top concern – education in remote areas. I hope this could be your top concern as well.