Co-Educational vs. Single Sex Schools

There’s a debate about Single-Sex Schools versus Co-Education Schools. Is one actually better than the other? Do students learn more? Are they disadvantaged or advantaged by being at a Co-Educated school?

This seems to be a growing discussion around this issue. In this paper I will discuss my thoughts of the advantages of single sex and co-educated schools.

One argument for single-sex schools is they provide a more structured learning environment. Student at co-educational schools report being distracted and this is off-putting to those who wish to learn.

For example, in a mixed sex classroom, the boys may be interfering with the girls in the class who want to learn. If the girls were all in one classroom together this distraction is no longer present. For this reason schools of high academic excellence have a greater chance of being all boy or all girl. It is also very common among religious academies and college prep schools.

Co-Educational schools are usually Public schools. This also means the teaching methods and student expectations aren’t set as high. While co-educated school students can have other advantages, like greater social skills. Academic excellence is generally reserved for private institutions.

Public school students have the same chances for positive self image as private. There is no question they can become more responsible and employable citizens. And aren’t relied on to succeed like if you were at a Private or single sex school. But the larger question remains.

So, as someone whom attended a co-educational school all my schooling years I know my choice. I’d much rather attend a school which supports, but doesn’t force to someone to become successful. If someone wants to be successful and attend a co-educational school it is possible. Students can block out the inconvenient distractions and succeed.