Why Do You Wish To Study In The United States – Example Admission Essay
My name is Lo Yu Yang, and now I’m studying in Northeast School, which is one of the key middle schools in Liaoning Province for my third year of senior high school study. After I entered Northeast School for senior high school study, my parents always encourage me

to study hard and earnestly in order to make a solid foundation for my future study and development, not only because most of the students in class are outstanding students and the competition is fierce but also for my future plan. At that time, my parents had already had the idea to send me to study abroad in the U.S. They say that it is the best choice for me as the U.S. has the best education system and aims to cultivate students’ practical competence combining with the knowledge learned from books. I didn’t have definite goal and just studied hard at that time, but as time goes on, now I am in my third year of my senior high school which is the turning point for my future and I gradually realize that I have to consider my future seriously, such as what I want to do and what I can do, etc., and choose the best way to achieve my objective. After deep consideration, I find that studying abroad is my best choice compared with other choices. So I participated in New Oriental to study TOEFL, which made me more and more confidently and firmly for my studying in the U.S. During studying English there I not only got my TOEFL result nearly 600, but also learned some New Oriental spirit from teachers there which give me great encourage on my studying abroad. What’s more, I have learnt philosophy toward life which is revivified and acquired things that I have never touched. For me it is curious and also interesting, and the most important, it can guide my direction in my life. All in all, I am confident that studying in the U.S. will lead me to my bright future and realize my life value.