My Perfect Life – Example College Admission Essay

My Perfect Life – Example College Admission Essay
Three years ago I wanted to die. “WHAT?!” they would exclaim, looking like they had a massive heart failure because of their shock. Then the usual follow up of “wow, you’re strong Rachel, I never knew… you never

acted like your father died…” but that’s just how I deal with life. I was a nerdy honor student that loved school and playtime. One would see me in the halls zooming to my next class, chit chatting with my friends, or laughing till my eyes watered – trembling like a Pillsbury doughboy. Sounds like a perfect life doesn’t it? Ignorantly, I was oblivious to the world outside of the comfort of my own.

That was my “perfect” life. However, things aren’t perfect, and sure enough my life wasn’t perfect at all. Several people, including my friends didn’t know about the death of my dad that feels like it happened just last month. My dad’s passing led to the manifestation of my sadness and fear of not death, but the effects of it. Even to this day people who know me are shocked when they find out that I am in fact fatherless due to the life robbing disease known as colon cancer. I burrowed myself under school activities, homework, volunteering, and friends keeping myself busy like a mole determinedly burrowing under the grass of golf zones and the noses of golfers, unable to see what it will encounter up ahead. This comfort was something I held dear, for it was what I clung to in times of darkness.

A girl was standing in front of her house surrounded by gleaming red fire trucks and light blinding ambulances, waiting for her carpool buddy to tell them that she couldn’t make it to orchestra today. Shivering in her oversized black parka looking like a marshmallow held for too long in the fire. Her eyes were pink and tear filled creating tiny rivers on her cheeks making them sopping wet, her black hair wasn’t brushed; her face was as pale as a moth’s wing. Guess who? Now here was a young lady who was older…She was short but petite, her laughter tinkled like a crystal glass tapped by a silver spoon and she laughed and nearly always had a smile upon her face, she had the sparkle of a hundred stars in her eyes, her hair shined and shimmered like the surface of the sea at sunset. This lady had many friends for people were attracted to her like insects to a warm fluorescent light bulb. This young female couldn’t possibly be the one and same as the aforementioned distressed girl, right? Wrong. That’s right; they are one and the same, me.

My life has been a Ferris wheel that has spun out of control. But I have managed to bring myself down, and plant my feet firmly on the ground of what I believe in. Just three years ago I wanted to die, now that the last thing in my mind. Through the hysteria I loved life but also recognized that death was as much a part of life as living. So I laugh until tears come out of joy this time and not sorrow, live vibrantly without regret, and love passionately like I’ve never been wounded. Cliché? Yes, but only because it’s true.