Example of Stanford University Personal Statement

Example of Stanford University Personal Statement
Thoreau suggested making our lives simple by simplifying our possessions. Possessions do not only limit on concrete objects such as physical object that we have such as jewels or money, but also have a meaning on abstract concepts such as friendship, love that you obtain from the relationship with other people.

As Thoreau said, if I were told to have only one, then I would keep ‘Friendship’, which has characteristics of unique, lifelong and unchangeable.

In my life, due to my parents’ business, I moved to Vietnam and I had to leave all of my dear friends in Korea. I have known them for long time during I was in middle school. Now I also have got many friends here in an international school and I am experiencing something special that the not many people encounter.

I felt greatly that having friends can be one of the best and most worthy possession to have in my life. My friends can be not only my general friends but also can be my investment or my counselor of my life. My Korean friends who had final university entrance exam this year motivated my academic performance as well as taught me how to prepare for my final IB (International Baccalaureate) exam. I felt happy myself when we exchanged my information about studying generally. I appreciated their friendship, as a result, I would show what I can do as they expect from me.

To me, friends that I made in Vietnam made me stronger and more mature. Whenever I was struggling with speaking and writing English, they certainly helped me out and I could see my improvements as I was much closer to them. Cultural difference between them and me brought a new knowledge breaking my prejudices that turned to understanding. As we talked about politics, cultures and different religion, I came up with better understanding on other culture and learned how to respect new cultures.