Pingpong and My Father

Pingpong and My Father – Example Admission Essay Question 200 Words or Less
I enjoy sports a great deal, especially pingpong. As we all know, pingpong is one of the most popular sports in China. By playing pingpong I am able to keep healthy and find a way to better communicate with my father.

When I was young, my father worked for a company located in another province, therefore, he only came back to see my mother and I when he was on holiday. I seldom communicated with him except over the phone. Later, my father was hired by Northeast Electric Power Institute. He began to live with us. In order to improve the relationship between us, one day my father asked me to play pingpogn match wth him, and I agreed. That match was really competitive, and the final scores got very near at last. How soon after that, we played pingpong together once a week.

Thanks to pingpong, my father and I become good friends, I like talking with him. It is pingpong that set up the line between my father and I. Pingpong is very meaningful to both of us.