Adapting Theory Into Practice – Example Admission Essay
Education is always an vital important problem which attracts more attention from each country. I thought to enter a university in China before, but after my throughtfully investigation, I choose this university which is far from my hometown.

The Chinese fundamental education system pays more attention to the theory learning. Teachers always emphasize the concepts existed in the books, and put it in the second place that how to cultivate the ability of adapting theory into practice, which make us more familiar with the theory, but low ability in the practice.

In order to let more and more students have the chances to receive higher education, many universities carried out an “Enlargement of Recruitment Policy”(guided by National government) in 1999, but the negative influence greatly increased owing to enlargement of recruitment on all levels and scales. As students who will enter university for further study, we are all worried about it. Teachers, especially professors, are extremely lacked. The classes, which should be on small scale are enlarged into big ones (with eighty to one hundred students). In the labs, several students sharing one equipment can be seen everywhere.

The above scenes all intangibly make a great influence on students. As a student, who will receive higher education, what kinds of university I will choose have much relation with my future employment. Therefore, even though the tuition fees for Chinese universities are less than that in America, I don’t want to make any mistakes on my future, which means to receive such rough education. As we all know, there is a sound education system in U.S. Many universities in U.S. are famous in the world owing to their academic achievements. There are advanced teaching facilities, too. I firmly believe that I will receive better qualitative education on in your country.