Why Do You Want to Attend John Hopkins University – Example Admission Essay
I have taken a variety of science, social and languages courses. Among them all, math and computer science has the most influenced my interests and goals for the future. I was born in a well-educated family. My father is a senior engineer at the Electric Power Research Institute, my mother is a professor in a college. Under the influence and instruction of my parents, I became very interested in science since I was still a child. When I first got to know computer about ten years, I felt so amazed by the advanced technology. I made up my mind then to dedicate myself to the study of computer science. I have taken science courses in school, such as maths, physics and chemistry and obtained high scores in these tests. I also took the SATI, SATII subject tests and TOEFL. My solid science foundation and my enthusiasm in the study of computer science will surely provide me a promising outcome of my undergraduate study in your renowned university.