University of California Admission Essay Example
I believe that we all have a destiny, but we are not predestined. Like a hand of cards one is dealt in a card game, it is not so much about holding good cards but in playing the ones you hold well. The hand you are dealt is something you can not control, but the way you play is up to you. Some people use the opportunities they have to empower themselves into a better situation while others throw away their chances and end up doing poorly. In the short distance I have traveled in life, I have learned from my parents that where I end up in life is not as important as the person I become through the journey. I have also picked up that growing up involves reflecting on my past and present decisions. As Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Continually making myself aware of my behavior has helped me to keep an open mind when I face obstacles in my life.

It is hard for me to settle for mediocrity when I am passionate about something. For example, in my freshmen year I was introduced to track and field, I fell in love with the shot-put and discus. Entering the throwing events as a beginner allowed me to deeply admire those who have developed their skills; the vast difference between the top throwers and me pushed me to close the gap. I wanted to become better. The normal routine athletes do when they want to get better at a sport or event is working out more, pushing them harder in practice and following all directions from their coach. The only thing my coach told me if I wanted to become better was to just workout more, I refused to believe that was the only path for me. If I were to follow his path to become better, I would have not become the best. I knew if I wanted to excel in throwing I had to master the technique. I researched articles about mastering throwing technique on the Internet, purchased throwing training videos, and discovered a thrower’s magazine, which I subscribed to and still am. As I was absorbing all of this knowledge of throwing, I needed to apply it efficiently if it were to do me any good. Videotaping myself throw during my free time was the greatest help I could have received because it allowed me to see what I was doing wrong rather than trying to feel what I did wrong in the throw. All these things assisted me grow from a beginner in my first year to becoming the best thrower in my junior year.

I was not born with the height and strength of a typical thrower but I utilized what was available to me to transform myself. I examined the situation at hand and realized that I had to take a different path than others in order to reach my goal. In the world today, the problems are very complex that there must be a thoughtful and creative solution for each particular one.

In answer to the question of what I will bring to the University of California, I believe that my enthusiasm and passion for self-transformation are personal qualities that will empower me to be successful as a university student. My demonstrated drive towards excellence in all my endeavors will fit in with the University of California’s philosophy and expectations of producing high quality graduates. These qualities will undoubtedly contribute to the vitality of the university.