Physical Education Websites
This website has a lot to offer. It have a lot of different topics outlined. One topic that really stands out to me would be “A Puff Doesn’t Make You Cool Stuff”. This website talk about young children and why they should not use tobacco. I would use this in my curriculum to try and show the children that smoking really is not cool. The children will create a survey on tobacco use in school between females and males. When doing this survey in my class I would have other website and use information on why smoking is not cool and why they should not do it.,kids/talk/index.html
This website had a couple of different categories. The category Staying Healthy had a sub category that’s called Keeping Fit and Having Fun. Children love to learn when they are having fun. I really like this sub category because it covers children playing sports and what they need to do to stay healthy and fit. It also help the children with the do’s and don’t of receiving a sport injury. From this website I would try and do a lesson on kids Health Problems. Children need to know what might happen to their body if they don’t treat it right.

Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club web address
This website sells DVD for children. The DVD is a workout DVD that helps children stay fit. This DVD is something that the children will talk about for days. He teaches the children how to stay fit through dance. Not only does he teach the children a dance exercise routine he also shows the children how to prepare healthy snacks. I would buy this DVD for my class. First I would sent a permission slip home for all the children to get sign before we complete the dance routine. The first day would be for viewing a part of the exercise and then going over it with the class. We will do this everyday until we get to the end of the show. The last day of the class we will try and prepare one of his healthy snack for all the children to enjoy.

ABC Home Preschool website
This is a website with different activities for the children. Most of the activities I would try and put into my lesson plan for the children to do. The games have different exercise points that will help the children. Balloon Toss is a activity that lets the children practice there throwing or tossing skills. Where Block Bowling have the children thinking and using there eye-hand coordination.

Stress Management website
This website is designed to help students control there stress in school. School can be very stressful with peer pressure and students trying hard to fit in. I would go over every step mentioned on this website with my class. I would ask the class different methods they would use to control stress. The first step mentioned which is Time Management is a key factor in a less stressful student.